at the Roman Theater the concert by Camilla Faustino on 30 July 2022 Events in Verona

New appointment with “Venerazioni”, the musical festival for women conceived and organized by Box Office Live, which in this edition will be divided into five unmissable events to pay tribute to the talent of “Venus” and its multiple manifestations of ingenuity.


An unmissable appointment that on July 30th will see him take the stage of the Roman Theater of Verona one of the most beautiful voices of the new Brazilian popular music. Protagonist of the latest Latin Grammys, Camilla Faustino he conquered the international audience with his refined virtuosity, corroborated by the extraordinary collaboration with Toquinhowhich will accompany her to Verona for one of the most exclusive dates on national soil.

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All the appointments of “Venerazioni” are included in the program of the Veronese Summer Theater, organized by the Municipality of Verona, and of “Palco Venier”, the summer cultural proposal of the Municipality of Sommacampagna.

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