“At the time of ‘Hunger Games’ I was stoned”

04 November 2022 11:31

The actress in an interview with the “New York Times” explained that she used to drink and smoke marijuana with her colleagues Liam Hemsworth and Josh Hutcherson

Jennifer Lawrence just recently left the production of “Bad Blood”, the new film by Adam McKay, the director with whom she had shot “Don’t Look Up”. The film reconstructs the story of Elizabeth Holmes and her Theranos of her, the same story that had been treated in the series “The Dropout” with Amanda Seyfried. Lawrence recently said she no longer wanted to work on projects whose quality she doubted. This is because in recent years she has too many times accepted roles that she later regretted.

Other times instead those of “Hunger Games”. Times of sudden fame, times of stratospheric collections. And media times with the eye constantly open on the actress. That to bear this kind of pressure at the time she decided to find a way to be less “lucid”: a whiskey and a joint and the fear passed. Another stage in Jennifer’s life who became a mom a few months ago. “My mother-in-law will love it-she said commenting on these memories-. I don’t do it anymore, I’m a mother!”.

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