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It is a small corner of nature located between the company premises and the Dan Gerbo Museum, a short walk from Dornach station, where Mulhouse fans of the Boule Lyonnais have been meeting for 50 years. Note the Union Bauliste Mulhousien.

Although the Union Bauliste Mulhausen (UBM) was formed in the 1950s, it moved to Dornach in 1973. “It was Mayor Emil Müller who made the land available to the association, then the members developed everything”, believes Marcello Bagnolini, president of UBM for three years. UBM’s specialty is Boulay Lyonnaise, a cousin of pétanque: “Lyonez is played on a field 28 meters long and 2.5 meters wide, the balls are bigger and heavier than pétanque and we roll them to score”The President tells.

Boule Lyonnaise and Petanque

Lyonnaise balls are larger and heavier than pétanque balls.
Katherine KohlerLyonnaise balls are larger and heavier than pétanque balls.

If thirty years ago the club was able to count up to 150 players of the Boule Lyonnaise, there are still only about fifteen of the 70 members of the association who practice this discipline. “Earlier generations did not think of change”, analyzes Marcello Bagnolini, while in the shadow of the birch, many games of petanque are disputed on the field. The intention is to rekindle the Lyon flame if the club also offers its members the opportunity to practice pétanque. “We entice people with pétanque and then force them to play in the Lyonnaise style”Luana Bagnolini, daughter of a member and president of the association’s committee, tells jokes.

even for kids

To innovate this practice, UBM has created a “Kids Club”, which allows children to learn about Boule Lyonnaise on Saturday mornings. “In the beginning, we had children and grandchildren of club members, who eventually brought their classmates, Marcello Bagnolini continues. We have two instructors for children and we also provide discovery workshops for schools. “Lyon ball is great fun for the kids, full luana bagnoloni, It makes them work on concentration, motor skills, coordination…”

At UBM, we play lion ball or pétanque, in an ideal setting.
Katherine KohlerAt UBM, we play lion ball or pétanque, in an ideal setting.

“Summer Balls” Summer Event

UBM, which also welcomes disabled adults from the Handicap Services Alister Association, has also set up an event and cultural program to liven up the venue and introduce the club to as many people as possible. Following the success of the “Objective Bowls” exhibition, which featured photographs from three local photographers, in 2022, UBM has set up a “Summer Bowls” program for the summer of 2023. “We organized a parent-child tournament along with the music festivalExpose Luana and Marcello Bagnolini. We had also planned a movie night, which we had to cancel due to the weather…”

Petanque and biblio’boules for all

There are still two dates listed in UBM’s summer calendar, which hosts a pétanque tournament open to all, Tuesday 15 August, from 9am to 7pm, as well as one called “Biblio’Bowles” at the end of the weekend. Also organizes a book fair. 16 and 17 September. “We are pursuing several objectives: to continue playing Boules Lyonnaise, to energize the place and to create an encounter between generations”, continues Luana Bagnolini, who has no shortage of ideas for turning the UBM into a real open living space for the city. It is also rumored that the club is planning to set up a Guinguet next summer!

“Petanque for All” tournament, Tuesday 15 August, 9am to 7pm at UBM, 29, rue des Machines. 15€ per adult, food included. Register at,, by email at or by phone at 06 95 93 38 47.

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