at Villa Sofia free cerebrovascular screening visits

On the occasion of World Stroke Day – which will be celebrated on 29 October – the complex operating unit of Neurology and Stroke Unit of the Villa Sofia hospital (of the Ospedali Riuniti Villa Sofia-Cervello company in Palermo) , directed by Daniele Lo Coco (in the picture), organizes a cerebrovascular screening initiative aimed at the population, in order to sensitize citizens to the prevention of stroke and the recognition of its symptoms (time-dependent pathology), in line with the objectives of the Ministry of Health (Pnp 2020- 2025 and the Italian Alliance for Cardio-Cerebrovascular Diseases).

The free visits will take place on October 29th between 11 am and 6 pm at the Neurology Unit of the Complex Operative Unit (UOC) (located in the “Villa Sofia” hospital, Geriatric pavilion, 3rd floor). For citizens interested in accessing the screening opportunity offered by the Palermo company, it is necessary to book by sending an email to the address Reservations will be accepted up to a maximum capacity of about 40 people for the day.

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The screening activity includes an initial interview to evaluate the personal modifiable vascular risk factors; the measurement of blood pressure and blood glucose values ​​with a glycemic stick, height and weight in order to calculate the body mass index (BMI or BMI). In the selected cases, a neurosonological evaluation of the epiaortic vessels will also be performed. On this occasion, we will provide any information suitable to implement the knowledge of the citizen on the prompt recognition of the symptoms of Stroke. Reservations, interviews and neurosonological assessments will be handled by the operators of the Uoc Neurology and Stroke Unit. From the hospital they specify that “it is required to wear a mask for access to the hospital area”.

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