Atalanta sale, what happened to the actions of the Radici and Selini?

Bergamo. The shares weigh themselves, even if those of an unlisted one such as Atalanta can also be counted, especially if they end up redesigning the corporate structure.

A bit like a wise African proverb warns, “When elephants fight the grass is crushed”, must have thought Roots and Selininot so metaphorically, unearthing a verbal rather than legal ax.

Moreover, in particular Angelo Radici consuocero of Antonio Percassi and main sponsor of jersey, certainly not a secondary figure for passion and financial commitment invested in the Atalanta club.

Why, if Atalanta second Pagliuca worth 400/450 million, we (Radici and Selini) with about eleven percent must be children of a lesser god?

Said and done, albeit not so quickly, accompanied for the Roots by some familiar stomach ache, here is the agreement with Antonio Percassi for obviously lower figures than the value attributed to the Atalanta shares at the initial closing of the transaction with the American group.

At the definitive conclusion of the agreement, the formalizations envisaged by the legislation would still be lacking, only postponed or in any case in progress, such as the definition of the endorsement on the securities or more simply an agreement in written but private form, with the choice of deposit or not by the notary . To then conclude with the economic transaction to complete the story.

Another aspect. That eleven percent of Atalanta, in order not to be defined as parco buoi, must be allocated to a legal entity (presumed to be Dea Srl) with the obvious consent of the majority shareholder Pagliuca.

In this financial pyramid, through Dea H, Pagliuca protected itself by controlling that package as well as the other companies of the Atalanta group. Even more important, with his 55% compared to Percassi’s 45, he has the right to vote and therefore total control of the Atalanta company. Otherwise that disputed eleven percent would have ended up violating the initial agreements that in fact made Pagliuca assume the role of the lender who becomes a partner, with the owner Percassi becoming the financed.

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