Athletes from Mirandela in Qatar to play the final of Red Bull Neymar Jr’s Five

The two athletes from Mirandela traveled this Friday to Qatar, where they will represent Portugal in the world final of Red Bull Neymar Jr’s Five, the street football tournament that has footballer Neymar as its patron.

The Red Bull Neymar Jr’s Five is a street football tournament and has mixed teams of five elements, with players from 16 to 35 years old. The game is played without a goalkeeper, the matches have a maximum duration of ten minutes, winning the team that ends up with the most players on the field. This is because for each goal scored, an element is removed from the team that suffers, which can dictate the end of the match well before ten minutes.

The people from Mirandela are part of the “Mengão” team that, in September 2021, won the national final of the competition in Lisbon.

Beto Cardoso believes it will be a unique experience. “Just the fact of traveling to Qatar is worth it. In whatever modality you are going to represent Portugal, it is a huge pride. Let’s make the most of the experience.”

The competition will feature 32 teams from the four quants in the world and is therefore expected to be very competitive. But, Jaime Santos is confident and believes that it is possible to bring victory in his luggage back to Portugal. “I confess that we have high expectations. We are going to face good teams, but ours also has quality. We want to reach the final and win.”

The winner of the Red Bull Neymar Jr’s Five world final will face the team that brings together Neymar, a PSG player, and four friends. For Jaime Santos it is an extra motivation. “We are going to be with Neymar, contact him and that is extraordinary”.

The Red Bull Neymar Jr’s Five world final starts on Monday, May 23, and ends on Wednesday, May 25.

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