Athletes like Neymar use games as a tool to relieve routine and pressure

It’s not news that football players constantly suffer from pressure on and off the pitch. In addition to the intense routine of training and championships, each athlete is responsible for meeting the expectations of those who accompany him. The search for an escape valve became very common and electronic games became an important alternative.

Neymar is one of the players who seek relief in games. The Paris Saint-Germain and Brazilian national team forward is a declared fan of electronic games and has already revealed that they helped him overcome difficult times and days of sadness, as a kind of “therapy”. “It was something that helped me in the bad moments, those when I wanted to be alone because I was sad. I would join Discord, talk to my friends and play a little to relax”, said the ace, in an interview with the podcast Phenomena, commanded by former player Ronaldo and Gaules, one of the biggest streaming in Brazil. The possibility of being outside the real world diverts attention from problems such as defeats, injuries, charges and difficulties on the field. Nowadays, Neymar broadcasts to thousands of fans on the Facebook Gaming platform.

Bayern Munich player Alphonso Davies immersed himself in the lives of Fifa, EA Sports’ football game, in the period when he was away because of a heart problem. At the moment, the Canadian’s channel on the Twitch platform (thatboydavies19), which has almost 325 thousand followers, is without activity because it has already served the purpose of motivating him in a difficult time.

During the most difficult period of the covid-19 pandemic, several players sought to venture into the world of electronic sports. Manchester City’s Kevin De Bruyne and Dele Alli, who was at Tottenham at the time, were some of them. They managed to raise, for example, more than 2 million pounds in a live on Twitch, playing Fortnite. Griezmann, currently at Atletico Madrid, was another who jumped on the bandwagon.

In addition to Neymar, another player of the selection is present in the world of games. Real Madrid midfielder Casemiro founded Case Esports and the team participates in the competitive scenarios of Fifa, League of Legends, CS:GO and Valorant.

David de Gea, Manchester United goalkeeper, is also acting as a manager. The athlete is passionate about games – especially Rainbow Six Siege, a game created by Ubisoft. He bets on the future of eSports and founded Rebels Gaming, a company in which he invested around BRL 300 million and will compete professionally in some modalities.

“The influence of celebrities in scenarios is of enormous relevance, mainly to reach new audiences. The impact that public figures from different fields of activity brings to R6 fans, for example, is extremely positive, as it increases engagement and demand for Celebrities who enter the gaming world, as casual gamers, sponsors or in any other way, attract the public’s attention and add popularity to the games”, emphasizes Marcio Canosa, Global Director of eSports, Marketing and Business at Ubisoft.

Retired player Sergio Agüero also has his own eSports team. Named KRÜ, the team plays in three games: Valorant, Fifa and Rocket League. The Argentine unifies the team’s dedication to leisure, reconciling work and fun.

Another who can change the real lawns for the virtual sport is Mesut Ozil. The German is considering retiring at 33 and becoming an eSports athlete. “I don’t think Özil will play for another club. I can’t see that. Maybe he’ll become an eSports athlete. He’s very good at Fortnite, and I wouldn’t be surprised if he starts competing one day,” said Erkut Sogut, businessman. of the player when commenting on his situation at Fenerbahçe, from Turkey, in an interview with The Telegraph newspaper.

The relationship between players and games is not limited to fun, rest and leisure. While these factors are provided to athletes, the esports world also benefits. “Athletes inspire, influence and if the relationship with games is truly authentic – as in the case of Neymar Jr, for example – interest grows exponentially. Today, athletes like Casemiro, Paquetá and Aguero have their own eSports teams. we act in the sponsorship agreement for Free Fire, which is not a football game, for the Brazilian team. The cases are there. Football has already become a relevant platform for games and this is going far beyond the fact that the athlete likes play. The worlds are merging”, emphasized Armênio Neto, specialist in new business in the sport. (Status Content)

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