Atletico Madrid 3-1 Granada (14/08/2023) match analysis

MADRID (EFE) — Five minutes after conceding at 1-1, when suspicion hung over Atlético Madrid even after the game was over, Memphis Depay scored a stunning goal from 25 meters to give his side the lead. As an unstoppable right-hand man, he quelled the Granada Rebellion. And restarted the winning streak for Diego Simeone’s team. A winner with a fit and a start, at times physically frightened but frozen in the end, a save from Jan Oblak to Mirto Uzni and Llorente’s declaration (3-1) resumed the win.

Memphis Depay scored Colchoneros' second goal in the 67th minute.
Memphis Depay scored Colchoneros’ second goal in the 67th minute.

Coming off the bench and hitting the field at the last minute, the Dutch forward has become a different footballer thanks to his resources, quality and above all, his punches. Its effectiveness is undisputed. There is no better example of the conviction, power and placement he brought to the winning run in the Metropolitan restart.

That’s why Atlético bought Memphis in last winter’s market. Injured to the side last term, but sought after by Madrid’s side as a goal scorer when available, he has been called a differentiator in Diego Simeone’s current side. The most obvious evidence was his shoes. Three wonders.

There will be good competition with Morata who never gives up. Scouted to the eleven by Simeone, the first winner in a head-to-head ownership battle with Memphis, the attacker was admittedly sporadic, monopolizing every chance in the first part until he scored the game-breaking goal. but was stopped by the Granada team until then with a plan that included local blocks for almost the entire first half until they made a mistake.

Almost always. There were exceptions, but it was all for the Spanish national team attackers. A beautiful mass triangulation that ended in the first moment, the first chance, with Morata scoring two meters from goal against goalkeeper André Ferreira (unique throughout Act 1). After that, when I couldn’t match the cross from the left with a header. And finally, when he ran into goal on the penultimate play of the first half.

Azpilicueta was the only player in the starting line-up for Granada to repeat shortstops (a shot already included in the second half) to bring it into the pot, but his center was hit by a pointless shot that hit Vallejo’s shoulder. Ta. His clear (or rebound) left Morata alone in an unbeatable position, with the ball under control, towards the goal and the goalkeeper, hitting the goalkeeper low with his right foot. If he hadn’t played for Vallejo, he would have been offside.

It was 49 minutes, the fourth and final injury time before the break. It was a relief for the Madrid team, who had not seen it clearly until then. Even Morata scored another goal before the break, but was negated by foul positions. It would have gone too far from what was seen on the ground until then. Too much for Atlético and Granada. Granada often withdrew and defended, but lacked offensive determination until the restart.

Atlético took an unexpected lead at half-time. But it didn’t complete. It’s no less. It was transmitted from Sam, and Oblak found the header in place as soon as he returned from the locker room. Had he flown elsewhere, he would have scored. It was unprecedented that he overcame a cervical spine problem and returned to the competition three and a half months later, not because of the objections of the Slovenian goalkeeper.

Simeone also didn’t quite understand who was in charge of the team. He dropped Morata and entered Memphis. But he also gave Soyuncu a run on behalf of Lemar, readjusted defense and midfield, and moved Llorente out of the lane to his natural position on the inside right. Because the Andalusian team was already threatened with a blow at that point.

And it happened in the 62nd minute. Carrasco was involved and Villar entered the field four minutes ago but took the ball away from him, controlled it, centered it low with perfect power and matched Sam’s shot. Sam went ahead and he, on the other hand, scored 1-1, to no one’s surprise when the duel went on, with a lack of definition that Simeone himself didn’t like. bug game. Granada’s goal was Atlético’s goal, Atlético’s goal was Granada’s goal (1-1).

Five minutes later, Memphis Depay had control of the ball and fired a powerful right-footed shot from 25 meters out, which slammed into the corner of Andre Ferreira’s goal. He’s out of reach for him, and probably for all goalkeepers. Whiplash. goal. Determinant. and the winner. After all, the cooperation of Oblak, who stopped Uzuni, was necessary. The 3-1 ruling was by Marcos Llorente in ’98.

Atlético played almost the entire game flawlessly. A solid central midfielder, the captain, who played an important role for the team, felt a puncture in the sixth minute, one of his first goals conceded. Simeone has his sights set on a growing Pablo Barrios and is waiting for the addition he needs in the position. Before that, we need to make room in the outputs of the two players.

One is João Felix who warmed the bench. Public outrage came when his name was heard on the loudspeakers in the stadium, but his arrival in the squad has not changed anything for him, as he is waiting for an offer and a move outside the Logiblanco team. I didn’t play for a while, and probably didn’t plan to. . The deadline is September 1st. If he goes to Arabia, he has more time until September 24, but Atlético need to leave early for a deal.

At Atlético it is already past, and since the end of last season when Chelsea failed to make it, it has been done with the team as well, but to a lesser extent. His appearance is already alien to Diego Simeone’s team. He is enrolled in La Liga and has already recovered from some setbacks and is there at the manager’s discretion, but no one expects him to play until he leaves. Another is that the market will end without shelter. It is unlikely. At Atlético, meanwhile, Memphis Depay is decisive.

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