Atlus will offer “big production” in 2022. The game will become the foundation of the entire studio

Atlus is getting ready to announce and premiere an extremely important title. In the coming year, the producer intends to release the game, which will become the “pillar” of the studio for the coming years. Taking into account the history of the band, we can expect a unique proposal.

Atlus has a busy year behind it, but there are many indications that the next few months will prove to be crucial for developers. Recently, an interview with over 100 game developers from Japan appeared on the Famitsu website, including Shinjiro Takada, a product manager working at Atlus.

By setting goals for 2022, Takada betrayed plans of an experienced studio, which it not only intends to announce, but also to release a very important production:

“I chose ‘challenge’ as the keyword for 2022 as we hope to release the game as a pillar of Atlus. All of us at Atlus are working hard to develop this production to make it interesting and satisfying for everyone, so please look forward to it. ”

The team is already working on a new part of the Persona series, which could boldly be called an “important title”, but according to some rumors, the premiere of the position is very distant and we will have to wait for it even several years.

However, players can look forward to the full show and a possible premiere of Project Re Fantasy – a brand new IP from the Japanese studio was announced in 2017, but since then the position has been extremely quiet.

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