ATP released an official statement on Novak Djokovic. “We respect the dedication of Australians but …”

The echo continues after the arrest of Novak Djokovic by Australian authorities. Fortunately for the Serb, the information that appeared over the weekend that he would be arrested again shortly after his release was false were false. On Monday, “Nole” spoke, explaining that he was going to take part in the Australian Open after all and that he was hopeful.

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“I am pleased and grateful that the referee canceled my visa. Despite what happened, I want to stay and compete in the Australian Open. I came here to play in one of the most important tournaments in front of amazing fans,” the tennis player wrote on Twitter .

Now, after a long period of silence, the ATP federation, which organizes tournaments for tennis players all over the world, has also been tempted to comment.

“ATP fully respects the dedication of Australians to fight the Covid-19 pandemic and the tightening of its admission policy to its national territory. Recent events related to the arrival of Novak Djokovic, however, revealed the need for greater understanding and communication in enforcement. Traveling to Melbourne, the player was confident that will receive the necessary medical certificate enabling him to stay legally in Australia The series of events, which culminated in the Monday hearing was harmful on every level, also in the context of the Serb’s well-being and his preparations for the Australian Open. “- it was written in a statement.

The organization stressed, however, that it fully supports vaccination against Covid-19.

“Nevertheless, we continue to encourage all athletes to vaccinate themselves and reduce the spread of the pandemic. This belief is based on the scientific evidence that vaccines have a positive impact on combating the coronavirus and enabling travel, which we believe may unfortunately be limited soon. percent of players were vaccinated “- added.

Novak Djoković was detained upon his arrival in Australia due to the fact that he had not vaccinated against Covid-19. His line of defense was that he contracted the coronavirus in December and passed the disease, so he should be treated as a healer. Nevertheless, the Serb’s visa was annulled, but this decision was later revoked by an Australian court. It seems that we will see him in the tournament starting next week.

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“Nole” is a nine-time winner of the Australian Open – last season he won the final against Danilo Medvedev. In total, he has 21 victories in Grand Slam tournaments, which is the same amount as Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal. If he wins now, he will become a single record holder in this respect.

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