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He was convinced that two factors worked in his favor: firstly the favor of darkness and the late hour, secondly the belief that on a weekday like Monday the control of the territory by the police was perhaps more relaxed compared to weekends. But the Arsenio Lupine on duty had reckoned without the innkeeper who in the circumstance took the form of the carabinieri of the Ischia Company’s Radiomobile Nucleus, led by Captain Tiziano Laganà and coordinated by lieutenant Sergio De Luca.

The soldiers of the Arma were carrying out one of the normal services in the area and were walking through the streets of Forio when at a certain point their attention was aroused by a person in an at least suspicious attitude. The guardians of the order, in fact, noticing while crossing via Filippo Di Lustro a man intent on rummaging inside a parked car. It takes little to understand that the car is not his and so the man is stopped. Identified, it is a 53-year-old local with a clean record. Subjected to a search, he is found in possession of a switchblade then seized. Taken to the barracks for the formalities, the subject was reported to the judicial authority in a state of freedom with charges of attempted theft and possession of weapons or objects likely to offend.

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