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From January, thanks to tax changes, the pensions of most seniors will increase. People who receive 500 plus for dependent people may therefore lose part of the allowance, because the program has an income criterion. For this not to happen, the government has to raise the income threshold to at least PLN 1,800.

500 plus for dependent

Half a million Poles receive PLN 500 every month for dependent people. This benefit is granted to adult Poles who, due to illness or old age, need help in everyday activities. The benefit is subject to the income criterion. The full amount (PLN 500) is due to people whose income (disability or retirement pension) does not exceed PLN 1,200 gross. If someone has a higher income, but not more than PLN 1700, his 500 plus income is reduced on the basis of PLN for PLN. And so, if the income of a dependent person is PLN 1,500, they receive a supplement of PLN 200.

This month, ZUS transferred additional PLN 7 BILLION to pensioners!

In the table below you can check how much your 500 plus will be in 2022 (if the income threshold increases)

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500 plus for seniors in 2022
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The government needs to increase the income threshold

The Ministry of Family and Social Policy increases the income threshold each year so that seniors whose pensions are indexed do not lose 500 plus.

Verification of vaccinations by employers. Important comment by Niedzielski

It is not known yet what the threshold will be next year. As the criterion has increased by PLN 100 in recent years, it will probably increase by the same amount in 2022 – to PLN 1,800.


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