Audi Q5 2023, finally the first photos arrive: a real tank

New spy photos and previews for the new Audi car, the future progenitor of a new generation of SUVs from the parent company. Audi is still working on the definition of its concept, but rumors have leaked that will be of great interest to fans of the world of engines and the curious.

Others are not, moreover, of theevolution ofcurrent model of Q5, one of the most successful SUVs in sales. Always equipped with internal combustion engines, and also electrified, even the next generation of SUVs, but there is no shortage of news. Audi also he is concentratingfrom the point of view considered, more on 100% electric, in the name of sustainability. And this not only for the SUV range, but for all types of cars.

A preview image of the Audi Q5 2023 prototype, being tested.

What is known, as the spy photosis that there is a prototype and how, and is struggling with one test phase in Southern Europe. The vehicle it’s still disguised, so as to reveal as little as possible for the details. But already from the few available, it was possible infer of the important ones features. In particular, on both sides there is a flap, coated with specific adhesives, and it follows that, at least the model being tested, is a plug-in hybrid.

Those who took the images, on the other hand, having witnessed the race firsthand, think that it is a template to high performance, for the Audi Q5. If this is confirmed, the all-wheel drive version will be available, for greater stability, and control of the SUV in every situation. The sizein proportion, Not appear dissimilar from those ofcurrent model from Q5only, for the current car, it seems to be just a little bit more extended in length.

The last feature could still do the difference for the interior, with greater comfort designed for passengers, in particular. This is what can be established so far, since the photos received do not allow you to “peek” too far, and no details are captured for the interior. However, they are denoted by peculiar shapes and innovate, about headlights, grille, and vents.

Audi Q5 2023: technological equipment and engines

A reconstruction of the new model of Audi Q5, SUV that will be presented next year.

Although the presentation will take place only next year, it could already be said, in terms of technological equipment, that the new Q5 will be equipped, in all probability, and barring further developments, with thecurrent and innovative equipment technological, already fitted to other Audi cars. In particular, a infotainment of the newest generation.

Always in all likelihood, Audi will use, for i endothermic engines, those supplied to the new range of Audi A4. Of course, for more infowe just have to wait for the next developments.

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