August, Central Europe throws us into a very hot month, will it be so? Let’s see what’s true »

Weather: August, the European center throws us into a very hot month, will it be so? Let’s see what’s true

Let’s see the latest updates from the European Center on temperatures and rainfall

Screenings for AugustScreenings for AugustJust got there seasonal projections of the European Center with general trends in precipitation and temperatures for the next month.
Well the latest update seems to project us towards a August very hot on many of our regions; in short, yet another anomalous phase of this awaits us crazy summer?

First a necessary premise. The classic Italian summer seems to have disappeared; L’anticyclone of the Azoresonce dominant in the summer quarter, is now far away, “lost” in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. Against the African anticyclone has risen more and more to the fore, up to rise to the role of main protagonist. For this reason we are witnessing increasingly intense and lasting heat waves, something never seen before and which testifies to the climate change that has been underway for a few decades now.

It seems that between the end of July and the beginning of August the large high pressure field of African origin, destined to impose itself more and more significantly on the Mediterranean basin. The latest screening of the European Center has confirmed in fact a trend devoted to the heat in the traditionally highlight of the italian holidays: well, as we can see from the attached map the red color indicates that we will have to deal with temperatures well above the average up to + 5/6 ° C, especially in the regions of the Center North.
The worrying fact is that this thermal anomaly (less intense red) could affect almost the whole of the Old Continent, from the Iberian Peninsula to Russia, confirming the exceptional nature of a Summer 2022 that seriously risks being one of the hottest ever. registered in Europe.

For this reason it is absolutely legitimate to speak of “risk“: concretely, this translates into repeated heat waves arriving from the heart of Africa (Sahara Desert), with peaks ready to splash diffusely above 35 ° C, especially in Val Padanaon the inland areas of the two Major islands and on part of the Central-southern peninsular.
These anomalous and hot phases should be treated as real “waves of bad weather” as they can cause serious damage: prolonged droughts, health problems and last but not least the indirect danger of extreme weather events. In fact, all this excess heat also increases the potential energy involved with the consequence of having hailstorms and storms whenever drafts of fresh air manage to “pierce” the anticyclonic shield. It is therefore right to talk about holidays at risk, even if not exactly due to rains and thunderstorms, but for a different reason.

Summer should therefore continue on this climatic trend, with continuous flashes of hot air from Africa, as announced by the latest seasonal projections by the very authoritative European Center.

Temperatures above average up to + 5/6 ° C on part of Italy (source: ECMWF)Temperatures above average up to + 5/6 ° C on part of Italy (source: ECMWF)

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