August, the cinema is back in Piazza Europa

The competent choice of films continues (pass us the term… we really like it in the digital age ..) also for the month of August at the Arena Piazza Europa.

After the crackling months of June and July, full of programming of important titles from last season, here we are now with the no less significant offer of titles for the month of August-September. Let’s go Friday 19 August with TOP GUN MAVERICK Thirty-six years later, Maverick resumes service in a film that pays homage to the Eighties and its performers. Saturday 20 August ELVIS , his rise and success, which allowed him to become one of the icons of the American cultural landscape, also sweeping away part of the innocence of the time. Extraordinary, an absolute masterpiece, it continues on Sunday 21st with the first film of the review “A World of Animated Dreams” dedicated to the masterpieces from Hayao Miyazaki, the first movie THE ENCHANTED CITY Winner of the Academy Award for Best Animated Film and the Golden Bear at the Berlin Film Festival. Monday 22 August METROPOLIS (INTEGRAL RESTORED VERSION) The masterpiece of Fritz Lang, based on a novel written by his wife, returns to the big screen. The film is one of the symbolic works of expressionist cinema and is universally recognized as a model for much of modern science fiction cinema. IN COLLABORATION WITH CINETECA DI BOLOGNA AND ARCHITECTS LA SPEZIA. Tuesday 23 in National preview FIRE LOVE Lhe story of two French scientists, Katia and Maurice Krafft, who embarked on several trips to film active volcanoes between the 1970s and 1980s. A unique show never seen in the cinema. Wednesday 24th August HOUSE OF GUCCI directed by Ridley Scott, it follows the history of the Gucci family, between fame, genius, difficult moments To interpret the well-known Italian entrepreneur, Adam Driver. Lady Gaga instead he plays the role of Patrizia Reggiani, the animated review with PRINCESS MONONOKE dedicated to the masterpieces of Studio Ghibli. Magazine Empire it inserted Princess Mononoke in the list of the fifty best animated films of all time.Friday 26 – Saturday 27 – Sunday 28 August a great national contemporary premiere, CRIMES OF THE FUTURE, the new, long-awaited film by David Cronenberg .. The Canadian director returns behind the camera eight years after his last work with a film that rewinds the threads of some of his favorite themes, projecting into a disturbing post-apocalyptic future . The protagonist on the scene, once again, is Viggo Mortensen, of him a fetish actor, in the role of the artist and performer Saul Tenser. Also in the cast are Lea Seydoux in the role of her artistic partner and companion Caprice, and Kirsten Stuart, in the role of a bureaucrat who will cross her path with the two artists. Monday 29 is the turn of NAUSICAA OF THE VALLEY OF THE WIND The film premiered in Japan in 1984 and helped found the Studio Ghibli in 1985. Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind it has influenced generations of artists. Tuesday 30th August other National Preview THE NIGHT OF 12 It is said that every investigator has a crime that haunts him, a case that hurts him more than others, without him necessarily knowing why. For Yohan, that case is Clara’s murder. Taking a cue from a true story, Moll creates an ideological thriller on femicide, from not very high rhythms, as if to listen to a voice that needs time to be understood. Wednesday 31st August one of the great hits of the season. DIABOLIK Taking on the role of the “King of Terror”, the most fascinating and ruthless thief of all time is Luca Marinelli, while Miriam Leone and Valerio Mastandrea play respectively the charming Eva Kant and the determined inspector Ginko. September 1st PORCO ROSSO 30 years after the first release, what at first glance might appear to be one of the most light-hearted works of the master of the Japanese anime but which on the contrary represents the perfect litmus test to capture some of the main themes of his poetics.FRIDAY 2-SATURDAY 3 SUNDAY 4 SEPTEMBER A SHADOW ON THE TRUTH (IN NATIONAL CONTEMPORARY) The new film by French director Philippe Le Guay (Women on the 6th floor, Molière on a bicycle) which creates a thriller with a theme that is as harsh as it is contemporary. In Paris, Simon and Hélène (Jérémie Renier and Bérénice Bejo) decide to sell a cellar in the building where they live. A man with a troubled past (François Cluzet) buys it and goes to live there without saying anything to anyone. Slowly his presence will upset the life of the couple. On Monday 5th September, the Miyazaki exhibition ends with HOWL’S WANDERING CASTLE a further piece, in the mosaic that the Japanese director offers the usual but always phenomenal overview on the landscapes and dream characters (the film made in a traditional way is visually impressive). The Review in Piazza Europa closes Tuesday 6 September with THE PATAFFIO The film is based on the novel of the same name by Luigi Malerba. Between profane appetites and sacred languors, ramshackle soldiers and poor men, a story about freedom, hunger, sex and power. Il Cinema Il Nuovo reopens on Thursday 8 September at the same time as the Venice Film Festival. THE LORD OF THE ANTS the film by Gianni Amelio which recalls the trial for plagiarism of the playwright and poet Aldo Braibanti played by Luigi Lo Cascio Elio Germano. In favor of Braibanti intervened Pier Paolo Pasolini, Elsa Morante, Alberto Moravia, Umberto Eco, Marco Pannella, Cesare Musatti, Dacia Maraini. All their appeals fell on deaf ears.

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