Augustinus Bader: “My story written by the stars (and by Melanie Griffith’s family)”

It is impossible to talk about the success of the brand of Augustinus Bader not to mention a star, yet the founder whose name the skincare line bears is an anti-star: professor of biology stem cell application at the University of Leipzig, he is considered one of the leading experts in the field of regenerative medicine. The connection from hospitals and medical universities in Hollywood was born about ten years ago near Milan. “Melanie Griffith he was in Italy because his daughter Dakota Johnson was making the film A Bigger Splash“, tells us the co-founder and CEO of the brand Charles Rosier, who comes from the world of finance.” Since my CEO at the time was Melanie Griffith’s brother-in-law I was able to go to the set to give her the products to try and convince her to organize a meeting in Los Angeles with some friends, stars and influential doctors. “One of the first beauty meetings organized by Melanie Griffith for Augustinus Bader and Charles Rosier was with Kris Jenner and Kim Kardashianthen it was the turn of Demi Moore, Courtney Cox, Gwyneth Paltrow and many other stars (Courtney Cox has also become an investor of the brand along with Melanie Griffith, ex-husband Don Johnson and Diane Kruger). “In ten days we met some of Hollywood’s biggest stars, but of all of them I only knew Brad Pitt!” Admits Augustinus Bader.

The fact that the stars were the first testers of the brand has contributed enormously to its success (in 2020, in spite of the pandemic, Augustinus Bader grossed 70 million dollars, tripling his turnover): with the Los Angeles word of mouth in a few years since its launch, in 2018, the Augustinus Bader brand has become one of the most present in #bathroomselfie of the stars so much that in 2019 Victoria Beckham wanted to involve Professor Bader in the development of skincare formulas for his Victoria Beckham Beauty line. Today Augustinus Bader is unanimously considered one of the skincare brands most loved by celebrities around the world. “I am very happy because for me it was a great scientific discovery. Health and beauty go together and I am happy if those who use an anti-aging cream also benefit from it benefits for the skin”, says Professor Augustinus Bader.

The (patented) discovery it refers to is the TFC8, an adaptive cell renewal technology present in all the brand’s treatments. It is a complex of natural amino acids, vitamins and synthetic molecules found in the skin that stimulating stem cells helps deliver key ingredients and nutrients to cells, determining the optimal environment for self-repair and renewal processes to take place at their best. The technology is the heir to a revolutionary gel developed by Professor Bader in 2008 to treat severe burns in children. “I started working with the burned children and it is with them that I deepened the self-regeneration mechanisms of the skin. With my experience in organ transplantation and in trying to cultivate and multiply stem cells I have come to develop this complex “, explains Professor Bader sitting next to the founding partner of his brand at theBulgari Hotel in Milan. The place of the interview is not accidental: in September the hotel announced a new collaboration with the brand that it celebrated with the exclusive facial treatment The Augustinus Bader Exclusive Bulgari Facial. In 80 minutes, the treatment revitalizes and illuminates the skin, redefining the contours thanks to the combined use of Bader products with the stone for the Gua Sha and the jade roller (stored in ice and passed on the cold skin to “seal” a mask) . The results can be seen: my tired face is definitely healthier and brighter after the treatment.

The use of Gua Sha and the roller is strategic, but it can also be replaced with a massage: “To increase the effectiveness of the products you need an activation that is created with microtraumas“, explains Augustinus Bader.” The massage, mechanical even more than manual, and the scrub are all gestures that create microtraumas capable of triggering the natural repair process of the skin by increasing the synthesis of elastic fibers, such as collagen and elastin “. treatment involves about 7/8 steps, but the brand by choice does not suggest any step-by-step routine: “Routine is a matter of taste and habits. The effectiveness of each product does not depend on the steps, because all our cosmetics have a very similar concentration of the TFC8 complex and do not need to be used together to be effective. “, explains Rosier. A great relief for the most “skinmalists”.

Courtesy Augustinus Bader

Courtesy Augustinus Bader

In fact, for two years the brand has thrived with only two products, The Rich Cream (again the product-manifesto) e The Cream. Today, in addition to the haircare line, there are 16 skincare products and also include a body line, two cleansers and the new eyelash and eyebrow serum (which, like hair products, uses clinical studies that demonstrate its effectiveness against hair loss). Augustinus Bader, however, built his own personal beauty routine: “I wash my face with our cleanser, then I use the light cream as shaving foam, I know it’s a great luxury but it works for me and helps not to get hurt. while shaving, which is very easy with soap because it dries the skin. “

& nbsp; Courtesy Augustinus Bader

Courtesy Augustinus Bader

At a time when the term “stem cells” is being over-exploited by cosmetics, which promise to improve the skin using plant stem cells extracted from plants and fruits, Augustinus Bader speaks very little about it in order not to create confusion. “Our complex communicates with the stem cells of each organism but does not contain any stem cells”, explains the professor. After all, according to Bader, extrapolating stem cells from their natural environment and bottling them in a cream doesn’t make any sense. “It’s pure marketing“, he decrees.” The stem cells of an apple are capable of making an apple, nothing else, and extrapolated from their natural environment they are dead cells. Each of us has lots of stem cells, we don’t need those of others, we just have to make ours work well. And this is precisely the power that makes our discovery great. “

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