Austin Butler’s dazzling career: from Disney to Elvis

Those who have followed him since the days of the Disney Channel may never have imagined that Austin Butler would one day play Elvis Presley. Yet it happened and it was a demanding role, made up of studies and pressures. But today the whole world appreciated his performance, which paved the way for success.

It seems only a day has passed since the last time Austin Butler appeared on small screens playing the first, great love of Carrie Bradshaw. The actor appeared in The Carrie Diariesprequel to Sex and the City where he gave birth to Sebastian Kydd, an enigmatic yet charismatic character who bewitched Carrie’s heart for the first time. But that wasn’t the only significant experience of her career. Many today have labeled it as a dear Elvis, thanks to the performance in the biopic of the same name that arrived in the hall. Even the star’s wife, Priscilla Presleydefined it “perfect“.

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It wasn’t easy playing the king of rock ‘n’ roll. That performance required hard work and one in-depth studyat times “desperate“, Which then led Austin Butler at only 30 years to the Olympus of cinema. They have it imitated in many, but the actor needed to find his own point in common. “I wanted to do it my way and I succeeded“, He said.

Austin Butler, career from Disney to Elvis biopic

When AnnaSophia Robb admired Elvis at the cinema, she was certain that she would rediscover the attitude that has always distinguished Austin Butler. They met on the set of The Carrie Diaries and the professional understanding was immediate. Years after the end of that chapter together, the actress pointed out that her former colleague is an actor who puts all of himself into a performance. “When we met during The Carrie Diaries, everyone knew he would become a movie star. And he’s perfect for the role of Elvis, not just because he looks like him, but because he embodied it. He spent two years of his life studying that man and stepping into his shoes“, He told a US Magazine.

Austin Butler
Austin Butler in “Elvis”

And to think that it all started with Disney Channel. It appeared in Hannah Montanathen in Zoey 101 And Aliens in the Attic. He allowed himself an episode there Wizards of Waverlybut the big breakthrough came with the prequel to Sex and the City. Shortly thereafter, Austin Butler was cast as the star of The Shannara Chronicles, a fantasy series that, however, did not have a happy ending. At the cinema, however, before Elvis worked with Quentin Tarantino on the set of Once upon a time in… Hollywood. And, for the occasion, she met Leonardo Dicaprio who gave him a precious Advice for Elvis. About the director Baz Luhrmannhe blurted out: “Baz will always keep you off balance and bring out things you never thought you had inside“. And according to Austin Butler it went exactly like this.

Austin Butler
Credits: Ansa

After the parenthesis Elvis, Austin Butler already has several projects on his hands. He will appear in the sequel from Dunes sharing the scene with other stars of the same age as Zendaya And Timothée Chalamet. And it is even more recent its entry into The Bikeridersa biker film where he will share the scene with Tom Hardy And Jodie Comer.

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