Australia has become the world’s largest exporter of LNG

In 2021, Australia was the world’s largest LNG exporter. Qatar came second, according to market research conducted by the analytical company Kpler.

The volume of Australian LNG exports last year amounted to 80.23 million tons compared to 77.63 million tons in 2020.

Qatar came second with 77.83 million tonnes exported, compared with 77.88 million tonnes the previous year.

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The United States has secured third place for the third year in a row. The exports of American LNG increased by almost 50% in 2021, to 70.43 million tons from 47.35 million tons a year earlier.

In total, the top three countries provided 60 percent. total global LNG exports in 2021, estimated at 382.7 million tonnes. In 2020, the total volume of LNG exports amounted to 362.96 million tonnes.

The total volume of LNG exports from Australia, Qatar and the United States (228.5 million tons) was down 12.6 percent. higher than in the previous year – 202.85 million tons.

Almost all LNG exports from Australia went to Asian countries, with the exception of deliveries of 30,000. tons to Spain. Australian gas was imported mainly by China (31.86 million tons) and Japan (27.39 million tons).

Meanwhile, Qatar mainly made deliveries to Asia (59.12 million tons) and Europe (16.81 million tons), almost tripling exports to Latin America, to 1.67 million tons.

LNG supplies from the USA to Asia amounted to 34.06 million tonnes (an increase by 47.6% compared to the previous year), to Europe 24.07 million tonnes (32% more) and to Latin America 12.4 million tonnes (an increase of almost one hundred percent).

Mainly LNG from Qatar and the USA is delivered to Poland.

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