Australia is the area of the quarantine of the island turstica


The Rottnest Island provide shelter to the passengers of a cruise ship; the tourists have been removed from the site in advance

One of the features most salient to the the new coronavrus its fast, disseminao, forcing people all over the world to join in quarantine and it can promote social isolation. With the hiv pandemic, and the tourists are gone, and the Australia he used this to his advantage. The pas is turned into an island of turstica in a huge quarantine zone, in accordance with the ABC News.

Approximately 20 kilometres from Perth to Rottnest Island to be the home temporrio 800 australians out of the total of 950 passengers on the the cruise ship Vasco da Gama, in addition to the 550 members of the tripulao.

On the island, has 699 guest rooms are available, and that should be enough to hold the australians, as many are traveling with the family. Only the people of the pas, ficaro found at Rottnest, according to the press of Australia, Western, and Mark McGowan. “All australians, including those of Australia, West will be immediately transferred to the Island of Rottnest, for the 14 days of isolation,” he said to the press. “In the latter two days, we’ve cleaned up the island to visitors, and we have made arrangements for the air, alimentao, and security”.

Three companies frreas of Rottnest will be used for the carriage of passengers, small groups from the ship at the location of the insulation.


The other two embarcaes in and had the same luck. The ship Artania, and Magnificent, without a autorizao to land at the port of Fremantle (city car), they were instructed to anchor in the sea away from the coast. The Artania had recorded the passengers become infected with a Covid-19. “These ships will need to go back to the house. They need to get out and go home,” said McGowan.

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“They are in may be landed at any time unless that travel is under strict supervision and directly to the airport, or are in need of attentive medical urgent, in order to survive,” he added in the press.

At the moment, Australia has a 2.364 confirmed cases of the Covid-19 and eight of the deaths caused by the new coronavrus.

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