Australia. Troubles of a small company mistakenly identified by the Taliban as a partner in drug production

A small medical consultancy company in Australia has been designated by the Taliban as a cannabis processing partner. The board, after numerous requests for comment on cooperation with the Taliban, denied having signed a contract with them and said that it does not process cannabis, Australian public broadcaster SBS reported on Thursday.

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Taliban spokesman announced on Wednesday that he signed a contract with the company “Cpharm” to open a hemp processing plant in Afghanistan. “The company plans to build a plant in Afghanistan to develop hemp products,” Qari Saed Kosti wrote on Twitter.

The New South Wales company, Cpharm, was forced to issue a statement in which it denied ties to the Afghan authorities and the cannabis-related industry in connection with numerous calls asking for clarification on cooperation with the Taliban.

“We have nothing to do with either the Taliban or cannabis. We have no idea what this agreement is about or where it came from, ”explained Josie Gabites, a surprised CEO.

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