Austria. First day of the lockdown. The streets are deserted [ZDJĘCIA]

A nationwide lockdown for all residents has been in force in Austria since Monday due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The decision to introduce the blockade is explained by the government with record increases in the number of coronavirus infections. The lockdown will last for at least 10 days, and may be extended to 20 if necessary.

– I am sorry for taking such drastic measures – Chancellor Alexander Schallenberg told the vaccinated people on the state television ORF.

Residents may only leave their homes in certain cases, such as going out for groceries, playing sports or visiting a doctor. Schools and kindergartens will remain open, but authorities have asked parents to leave their children at home as much as possible. Office workers are recommended to work remotely. Christmas markets were canceled, and restaurants were closed.

Ms. Monika from the blog Fromlovetotravel has been living in Vienna for 20 years and notes that on the first day of the lockdown, traffic is definitely smaller than usual, but the streets are not completely empty.

“The city is definitely much quieter than normal. There are no traffic jams in many of the busy streets, which is unusual for a Monday morning.”

– admits Monika.

However, he adds that the situation is a bit different than during previous lockdowns – the streets are not as empty as then.

– Today it is still difficult to say whether the residents comply with the introduced restrictions. As for restaurants and fitness clubs – they are closed. The penalties are high, so people are likely to stick to the restrictions – explains the blogger.

– Yesterday I was at the restaurant and the owner told us that the police visited them twice last week. They were very surprised because there had been no checks for several months – explains.

Ms Monika also mentions that on the last day before the lockdown was introduced, she visited the Christmas market. –There were a lot of people at the fairs, there were covid passport checks everywhere – he adds.

Sources: PAP, Onet

Lockdown in AustriaPAP / EPA / CHRISTIAN BRUNA
Lockdown in AustriaAskin Kiyagan / AFP

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