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Videogames entered his life in the late '80s, at the time of the first meeting with Super Mario Bros, and even today they make it a permanent part, after almost 30 years. Pros and defects: he manages to finish Super Mario Bros in less than 5 minutes but he has never finished Final Fight with a credit ... he's still trying.

“Did you sell me?” –

from Andrea Galli Guns, kidnappings, attempted murders of rivals: the criminal progression of musicians like Baby Gang, Simba la Rue or Baby Touch. Inspired by the riots in the French suburbs Generation negation. The trappers – at least those of the criminal class – seem not to be interested in …

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“He had a palace in Venice and casino cards”

It is not a revelation. It is a confirmation. We already knew that Matteo Messina Denaro, the super-fledgling head of the Palermo mafia was a guest of the Veneto, but now confirmation comes from the statements of Salvatore Baiardo, the man who at the beginning of the 90s managed the …

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Fatal accident near Cabras, the truth in a video

The findings, the investigations, the testimonies but not only. To clarify the dynamics of the fatal accident that took place Saturday evening along the Provincial road 4 that connects Cabras, passing through Donigala, to Oristano, will also be the images of the camera installed in the Arst bus which was …

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a blue car every five minutes

Via Partenope, the heart of the liberated promenade, is actually an uninterrupted comings and goings of blue car. On weekdays we counted 20, between 8 and 9.30. Having made the necessary calculations, the average is one every 5 minutes. In short, magistrates, politicians and senior officials use the curve of …

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