Eric Wilson

The variety offered by video games never ceases to amaze him. He loves OutRun's drifting as well as the contemplative walks of Dear Esther. Immersing himself in other worlds is an incomparable feeling for him: he understood it by playing for the first time in Shenmue.

Subscription in 2022. How much do you have to pay?

What exactly happens when someone has a registered receiver but doesn’t pay subscription? To such a person a reminder letter may be delivered, followed by a notification from Poczta Polska with a payment orderfor a maximum period of five years back. You then have seven days to pay for the …

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“The home photovoltaic market is saturated.” What’s next?

Debates on the future of photovoltaics have been going on continuously for several months. Changes in the billing system will make photovoltaic installations less profitable. The expert claims that this branch of the market is already saturated. The future of home photovoltaics is unlikely to be happy. Changes in the …

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Kościński: Inflation peak in January and February

2021-12-03 08:06, act 2021-12-03 09:34 publication2021-12-03 08:06 update2021-12-03 09:34 share photo: Andrzej Hulimka / / FORUM Inflation peak in January and February – Finance Minister Tadeusz Kościński said in an interview for Interia. “I know inflation is going up a little faster than we all want, but I hope it …

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Elon Musk changed his hairstyle

Elon Musk opted for a change of appearance. He got a new haircut. Does the 50-year-old suit such a youthful one? look? Elon Musk he is currently the richest man in the world – or so reports the magazine Forbes. In January this year, his fortune was estimated at $ …

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US crude oil increases the price gains after OPEC + decisions

2021-12-03 08:09 publication2021-12-03 08:09 share photo: FOTOGRIN / / Shutterstock Crude oil on the New York Stock Exchange is boosting price gains after OPEC + countries took a “flexible” stance on oil supplies from this group of producers, brokers inform. A barrel of West Texas Intermediate crude oil in January …

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The failure of T-Mobile was the result of the attack

– December 2 our network was the target of a DDoS attack. It was the largest attack of this type on the T-Mobile network and, to our knowledge, also the largest direct attack on a mobile network operator in Poland – we read in a special announcement from T-Mobile. – …

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