Canakkale Agenda Purchase of Unleaded Gasoline and Eurodiesel

fuel oil will be purchased Yenisei Municipality Scientific Work Directorate Unleaded Gasoline and Eurodiesel The procurement of goods will be carried out through an open tender process in accordance with Article 4734 of the Public Procurement Law No. 19, and bids will be received electronically only through EKAP. Detailed information about the auction can be … Read more

‘The state erased me,’ Bozkir said

Wall – Ankara University Faculty Member Assoc. Dr. The trial of 10 defendants, including Fethullah Gülen and retired colonel Levent Goktas, in connection with the Nesip Habalmitoglu murder continued with witness statements. The defendants, former soldiers Levent Goktas, Aydin Kostem, Mehmet Narin, Fikret Emek, Ahmet Tarkan Mumcuoglu and former intelligence officer Enver Altayli, attended the … Read more

Witness Ergun Poyraz in Nesip Habalmitoglu murder case said: If I tell the killers, everyone will die –

Writer Ergun Poyraz, who was heard as a witness in the Nesip Habalmitoglu case, said after being asked by the court panel about the perpetrators, “If I share this with this committee, everyone will die.” He replied, “I cannot return from here to Aydin.” “I have two children and a wife. Who will protect it? … Read more

Who is Tahir Elsi, when did he die? Diyarbakir Bar Association President Tahir Elsi remembered on the anniversary of his death – Last Minute Turkiye News

Tahir Elsi was born in 1966 in Cizre. Tahir Elki, who completed his primary, secondary and high school education in Cizre, graduated from Dicle University Faculty of Law in 1991. Tahir Elki has been working as an independent lawyer in Diyarbakir since 1992. Tahir Elci has become one of the most renowned lawyers in the … Read more

How was Tahir Elsi murdered 8 years ago, at what stage is the case?

Source, Hatice Kamer news information written by, Hatice Kamer Topic, Diyarbakir 28 November 2023 Former president of the Diyarbakir Bar Association, Tahir Elki, who was assassinated eight years ago, was remembered in front of the historic four-legged minaret in the Sur district, where he was shot. This year’s commemoration event included Turkish Bar Association President … Read more

Will schools be closed tomorrow in Bursa? Will schools be closed in Bursa on November 29? Last minute announcements…

“Will schools be closed tomorrow in Bursa? Will schools be closed in Bursa on November 29?” Answers to these questions are among the issues asked. The statement made by the Meteorology said that from the morning of Wednesday, November 29, locally heavy rains and thunderstorms are expected throughout Istanbul, starting from the European part of … Read more