Peter Wilson

In love with technology, with an eye towards smartphones, he does not disdain any activity linked to the Nerd world. TV series, movies, manga, anime, and comics (Marvel addicted) are the order of the day.

Surgical treatment of obesity. Who can use it? – Super Express

Author: Press materials Obesity often equals loneliness. Both literally understood, but also in the context of dealing with this disease on your own, without the support of doctors and specialists. However, it is important to realize that obesity is a disease that must be treated in order to obtain lasting …

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Scientists want junk food warnings like packets of cigarettes

Experts who shared the idea of ​​labeling some foods specifically told BMJ Global Health that the public “fell victim to clever marketing tactics by companies producing ultra-processed foods loaded with sugar, fat and salt.” According to scientists, the main element of such activities is building positive emotions around these products. …

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Breakthrough in the treatment of ovarian cancer in Poland

More on health on the main website The Ministry of Health announced that from January 2022, therapy with PARP inhibitors will be reimbursed to all oncological patients suffering from ovarian cancer, regardless of whether or not they are carriers of the BRCA1 / BRCA2 genetic mutation. All female ovarian …

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Symptoms of myocarditis [LISTA]. What to look for?

Myocarditis can develop in any person, regardless of age or gender. It is most often the result of a viral or bacterial infection and can develop during or after an infection in the throat or respiratory tract. How to recognize myocarditis? See the SYMPTOM LIST. Myocarditis is a situation with …

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