Authorities are closing a Catholic orphanage

For many months we have been reporting acts of hostility by Indian authorities towards Christians. The target of the latest attack is the Missionaries of Charity founded by Mother Teresa of Calcutta. The further activities of the sisters who help thousands of people were put into question with the non-renewal of the concession to raise foreign funds.

On Friday, Asia News reported on the next step taken against the rally. This time it is a license to use the building for an orphanage. The Government Property Office of the Ministry of Defense ordered the sisters to be evicted from the building where the Shishu Bhawan Relief Home had operated for many years.

“They attack Christians because they are a peace-loving community”

The government bureaucracy is refusing to renew its license, which expired in 2019 and has now moved to the execution of its line of conduct, and the sisters have been forced to close the facility. The Indian Catholic Forum stood up for the house, recalling its history in a statement. “Over the past 53 years, Shishu Bhawan of Kanpur has adopted and helped ensure the adoption of 1,500 children in accordance with the law. He also offered to help thousands of other poor people, such as lepers, abandoned mothers, children of migrants working on construction sites, ”we read.

– I am deeply saddened by this news. If there was a will, the concession could certainly be renewed, as the sisters looked after the orphans and the abandoned, serving the poorest of the poor. Despite Mother Teresa’s international fame, neither the government nor the army showed understanding or support for the facility and were happy to evict [siostry]. (…) They attack Christians because they are a peace-loving community. We can only hope that common sense will prevail and the situation will improve – comments Bishop Gerald Mathias.

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