Auto da Compadecida 2 gets its first official image.look

Directed by Guell Araez and Flavia Lacerda, the sequel is set to release only in 2024

One of the most acclaimed productions in the Brazilian film industry, Out da Compadecida(2000) for the first time in 25 years, and production is already in full swing.a conspiracy and the H2O film This Friday (18th), the first official images of the feature film were released.

can be seen in the image John Cricket (Matthew Nachterger) it is boy (selton mello) returns to Taperoa, a city in the state of Paraiba where the story of the first film takes place. Check out below.

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In addition to the first official images, the production side also announced: Auto da Compadecida 2 has the approval of Ariano SuasunaThe original author died in July 2014 after suffering a cardiac arrest.

other than that Nachtagale, melody it is Thais AraujoIt was also confirmed by the cast that she will play the role of Nossa Senhora. Edward Starbrich (Arlind), Humberto Martins (Colonel Ernani), Fabiura Nascimento (Clara Bella), Luis Miranda (Antonio do Amor) Giuliano Casale (Omar) and Loulem de Castro (Iracema). In the sequel, in addition to them, Virginia Cavendish (Rocinha, Chico’s wife) and Enrique Diaz (Joaquin Brejeiro).

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Inspired by Ariano Suasuna’s popular play released in 1955, Out da Compadecida was released in 1999 as a four-episode miniseries on Globo. In 2000, a version of the show hit theaters and helped cement the story in the imagination of the Brazilian public.

The film is set 25 years after the original film and shows how the passage of time has changed the city of the direction of Guell Araez it is Flavia Lacerdaand the signed script array, Adriana Falcao it is Joan Falkan (same trio as in the original film), Auto da Compadecida 2 is scheduled to premiere in 2024.

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