Auto, new incentives arrive also for companies and columns. Here are the models that you can buy with the discount –

The new bonuses are dedicated to those with an income of less than € 30,000 per year. The discounts reach up to 7,500 euros for electric

was published in the Official Gazette the decree that regulates the new incentives for the purchase of low-polluting cars (with CO2 emissions between 0 and 60 grams per kilometer) and for the home charging infrastructure. The decree it should take effect within the next 15 days. The Government has reviewed the bonus amounts with an increase for the current year of 50% of the contributions in the event that the buyer has an income of less than 30 thousand euros per year. The bonus awarded to a single person within the same family unit.

Up to 7,500 euros discount

For the 0-20 grams of CO2 per kilometer range (mostly electric cars), the incentive amounts go to 7,500 euros with scrapping of a car up to 5 euros or 4,500 euros without scrapping. The price of the car purchased must be less than 35,000 euros excluding VAT. Here are the electric cars that can be purchased at a discount.

For vehicles with CO2 emissions between 21-60 grams per kilometer (mostly plug-in hybrid cars), you can get a discount of € 6,000 with scrapping, € 3,000 without scrapping. The list price of the car you want to buy must not exceed 45,000 euros excluding VAT. Here are the plug-in models that can be purchased at the discount.

Contributions also for rental companies and charging stations

The new decree provides access to grants also by companies that use vehicles purchased in rental activities with commercial purposes as long as they retain ownership of the cars for at least twelve months.

The publication of the new decree also gives way to incentives dedicated to domestic charging infrastructure. The bonus for the installation of standard power columns (the legislator did not enter into the merits of the actual values ​​in kW) equal to 80% of the purchase and installation price up to a maximum of 1,500 euros per applicant. The maximum limit reaches 8,000 euros if you want to install a column in the common parts of an apartment building.

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