Autobahn Out of Control / The late evening film of Italia 1 in streaming

Autobahn out of control, where to see it in streaming

Autobahn out of control he tells us “a cinema that looks at the past of stuntmen and at breakneck chases, managing to oppose a hyperdigitalized present”. So Emanuele Sacchi reviews the film on MyMovies assigning it two and a half stars out of the five made available by the portal and adds: “The attention of the director and of the production is so concentrated on the chase sequences that everything that precedes or follows them does nothing. to hide its nature as a mere pretext. Including the romance component which is the motive of the action counterpart but clearly subordinate to this “. IlMorandini assigns only a star and a half to the film, specifying: “The film gives us a bristly subject for a stellar cast that does not have the wheels suitable for this super-commercial race, net of quality. In the end it snorts “. Autobahn out of control airs in the late evening on Italia 1, click here for the live broadcast.

Autobahn out of control, in the cast is Marwan Kenzari

Autobahn out of control sees in the cast Marwan Kenzari in the role of Matthias voiced in the Italian version by Stefano Crescentini. Kenzari was born in The Hague on January 16, 1983 and is certainly considered a great actor in his country. Cinema in the Netherlands has been limited to almost a few good releases by Paul Verhoeven with a few rings from other directors and there is a need for actors of the same level as Kenzari. In his career he made his debut in 2008 with Katia’s Sister by Mijke De Jong but he too managed to carve out a space also in the United States of America. Tonight’s film is about his arrival in Europe as an actor, to star alongside great actors like Ben Kingsley and Anthony Hopkins. He also recently worked with Guy Ritchie on Aladdin and Jaume Collet-Serra’s Black Adam. Marwan is a boy of great culture, so much so that he speaks four languages ​​very well, namely Arabic, French, English and Dutch, which also allowed him to have more opportunities at work.

Autobahn out of control, Italy 1 film directed by Eran Creevy

Autobahn out of control will go broadcast today, Friday 1 July, on Italia 1 from 11.10 pm. Collide was shot in 2016 and is written and directed by Eran Creevy, a British director and screenwriter. It has garnered several awards, including the Stockholm Film Festival award and the Writers’ Guild of Great Britain for Best Screenplay for Shifty. The screenplay is by Eran Creevy and F. Scott Frazier; producers are Joel Silver, Ben Pugh, Brian Kavanaugh-Jones, Rory Aitken, Daniel Hetzer; photography is by Ed Wild; editing by Chris Gill; the special effects of Robert Eil and Tom Karbaum; the production design by Joel Collins; the costumes of Sharon Gilham and the makeup of Marese Langan. Aurobahn – Out of Control stars Nicholas Hoult, Felicity Jones, Ben Kingsley and Anthony Hopkins. Nicholas Hoult is a British actor, active in the world of cinema since 1996 with the film Intimate relationships. Felicity Jones is a British actress, whose career she begins with a few small roles in English independent films and soap operas. In 2010 she takes part in Hysteria, but her debut takes place the following year in Like Crazy (with which she wins the award at the Sundance Film Festival),

The Theory of Everything (which earned her an Oscar nomination). Ben Kingsley is a British actor and voice actor, active in the theater, is a member of the Royal Shakespeare Company, achieves fame with the film Mahatma Gandhi in 1982 (with which he won the Oscar, the BAFTA and the Golden Globe). In over fifty years of his career, his interpretations in Betrayals, Schindler’s List – The Schindler List, Death and the Maiden, Slevin – Criminal Pact, Shutter Island, Hugo Cabret, Iron Man 3, The Jungle Book, War Machine, Power Games, Intrigue: Death of a Writer, Red Sea Diving and Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings. Anthony Hopkins is a British actor and director and is considered a complete artist: he has acted in theater, television and cinema, he distinguished himself for his singing skills and as a painter. In 1992 he received the Oscar for best leading actor for The Silence of the Lambs and in 2021 he received the second Oscar with The Father – Nothing is as it seems. Between the first film, The White Bus of 1967 and the last, Armageddon Time of 2022, there are about a hundred films starring.

Autobahn out of control, the plot of the film

Autobahn out of control takes place in Germany, where the American Casey Stin, a drug dealer, meets compatriot Juliette, with whom he falls in love. For her, leave the shady drug trafficking ring and start living honestly. One winter evening, Juliette challenges him to undress and lie down in the snow, but the girl suffers from a seizure. Casey takes her to the hospital and it turns out that she needs urgent kidney surgery. The operation is very expensive and must be carried out in America. Despite the promises made, in order to raise the necessary money, the fiancé contacts the drug trafficker and organizes a plan to rob a rival gang. Things don’t go as planned and he gets caught. He is about to be tortured, but manages to escape with the money for Juliette, but Casey has to flee around Europe chased by the henchmen who, in the meantime, kidnap his girlfriend. What will happen?

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