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Chiefly Automobilista features all major racing series, manufacturers and tracks in Brazil. This is an E-Sport game found on a platform like Microsoft Windows. The developer and publisher of this game are Reiza Studios. This Brazilian car racing series game is composed of diverse racing vehicles that keep the game aberrant and never fail to amaze the player. Automobilista includes various kinds of Brazilian international race tracks for the player to encounter an immense motorsport experience.

This game was released on 29 February 2016. There are fifty plus styles of cars that includes Brazilian series, Prototypes, Group C, GT1, GTE, GT3, GT4, Touring cars, Vintage Touring cars, Historical touring cars, Classic, Grand Prix, Formula cars and Karts. 

These cars are top-notch and bring enlightenment and excitement for the players who love motorsports. This would bring more satisfaction to the players. This game contains a massive variety of race tracks and the visuals of the game are awe-inspiring. The sounds of this game hold a good record from actual real-life cars to amplify the gaming experience.
About the game

Automobilista’s gaming spree involves controls such as pedals and steering to drive the cars, using keyboard controls, gamepads and mouse controls. The objective of this game is to reach the destined finishing line after minimal laps of rounds and to prevail in the first place. 

Steering and Brakes are manually controlled whereas clutches can be controlled manually as well as automatically. The player’s endurance is tested in the game. The Player’s vehicle starts from the starting line with four stops in between and reaches the end line. Rental Karts to high end performing Prototypes, this game provides a catalogue for all the vehicles to reach venues across five continents.
The below-given features make Automobilista very distinct and portray it as the best racing simulator.
Increased size and quality of 720 Hz and 500 Hz provides super-accurate high allegiance physics, force feedback and good resolution. The physics of the vehicles are purely based on models developed for competent racing teams with profound exclusive data. 

Minimum Requirements are OS of Windows XP or Vista or 7 or 8 or 10, Processor of 1.8 GHz or hundred per cent compatible CPU, Memory of 4 GB RAM, Storage of 25 GB available space. And Recommended Requirements are OS of Windows XP or Vista or 7 or 8 or 10, Processor 3,4 GHz or hundred per cent compatible CPU, Memory of 8 GB RAM, Storage of 25 GB and Graphics requires a DX9 compatible of 1GB OR 2 GB video memory.

Engine sounds are illustrated from above-average quality recordings of real-life cars. Race tracks contain 3D bumps with accurate surface properties. Minute detailed and precise modeling race tracks are found in this spectacular race simulator game. This game provides top-notch graphics with enhanced performance to depict marvellous visuals, also on low-powerful systems and delivers great VR experiences to the player in the history of racing simulator games.

Features of the game

Automobilista PC Game Download

Name Automobilista
Initial Release Date 29 Feb, 2016
Microsoft Windows
Developer Reiza Studios
Publisher Reiza Studios
Engine ISImotor
Genres Racing, Simulation, Sports
Category PC Games >Racing

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