Autumn 2022 trousers, the parachute pant by Deva Cassel are cool

Parachute pant has officially become the new trend preferred by Gen Z, and in fact it is depopulating online: from Instagram to Tik Tok, social networks are full of looks that make them protagonists and tutorials to match them step by step. Oversize, with a loose-fit and relaxed line, it seems impossible to resist their charm. For the uninitiated, the nylon flight and breakdance pants come directly from the 90s and have been brought to success thanks to icons such as Jennifer Aniston and Ciara, who have made them a hallmark of their style. Now, about thirty years later, they are back in the limelight and have conquered international stars such as Bella Hadid and Hailey Bieber, passing through Italian celebs such as Alice Pagani and carving out a place on the podium among the street style trends to follow for autumn 2022 .

parachute pant fall 2022 deva cassel trousers

Tik Tok

Deva Cassel, daughter of Monica Bellucci and Vincent Cassel, has shown that she is not immune to the coolness of parachutes and so, in a TikTok video that portrays her cuddling her cat to the notes of “Chills” by Blanco and Mahmood, he sported a pair of trousers that attracted attention.

Autumn 2022 trousers: Deva Cassel’s parachutes are the obsession of the moment

Declined in a semi-shiny anthracite gray fabric, the parachute trousers shown by Deva Cassel on Tik Tok feature a pair of large pockets positioned on the front and a drawstring at the waist, which creates that “parachute” effect from which they take their name.

parachute pant fall 2022 deva cassel trousers

Tik Tok

The lines of the trousers are wide but not too voluminous and the young model chooses to wear them low at the waist, revealing the bare belly. To complete her look, Deva Cassel opted for details that do not go unnoticed: a black ribbed crop top, while her face is framed by a gray scarf rolled around her neck, slightly frayed at the ends of her .

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