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We have already talked about the first time when James Cameron has disclosed to Stephen Langthe interpreter of the villain Miles Quaritchwhich would also return in Avatars 2information given to the actor already in 2007, two years before the release of the film which, in 2009, started the saga (HERE ARE ALL THE DETAILS).

Also Zoe Saldana (Neytiri) e Sam Worthington (Jack Sully) had a chat on this issue during the press promotion of the blockbuster.

The first tells:

I remember thirteen years ago, during the first Avatar press tour I think, maybe because of the adrenaline and the happiness of being all together and being part of something special before it was greeted in triumph by the public… I remember Jim shared this information with us that if the feature was successful, we would definitely make a sequel. But we had to wait until 2013, when he returned to the film’s writer’s room, to know for sure that he was writing it and would be making sequels.

Worthington adds that he learned about the project a little later, in 2015:

They weren’t even properly movies yet. It was more of a story that Jim told me campfire-style. I thought “I’m about to become a father and I find myself with the strange parallelism of this story based on the adventure of this family”. I thought that being able to tell the whole story would be great.

Avatars 2 was released December 14 in Italian cinemas.

Find all the information on the second chapter of the saga directed by James Cameron in our file.

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