Avatar: 7 curiosities awaiting the sequel

After thirteen endless years of waiting made of continuous postponements and never kept promises, the times seem to be finally ripe: Avatar – The way of water is upon us and we only have to wait for the last days ofAutumn to find out which spells James Cameron was able this time. It may be, however, that since 2009 to date someone has forgotten why the director’s new work is generating all this hype: here is a list of seven curiosities to understand where we were left with the previous chapter, between languages created ad hoc, references to a classic Disney it’s a box office record to (re) conquer.

1. Na’vi: a fake language created by an expert

In the imaginary and computer created world of Avatar everything has been made extremely plausible thanks to an obsessive attention to detail. There Na’vi language spoken by its inhabitants, for example, it is not just a jumble of unrecognizable sounds, but it consists of a grammar made up of precise rules established by the linguist Paul R. Frommer. Contacted by Cameron with the aim of giving life to words rich in meaning but without any reference to other languages, the intellectual has thought of more than a thousand new words and it is rumored that the vocabulary has even been expanded for the sequel. Also animal soundsmoreover, they are not random: for them they have been matched sounds of land animalsmany of which championships on the occasion of Jurassic Park of the 1993.

na'vi is a fake language created by an expert

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2. A delay due to costs

It is well known the story that James Cameron had thought of Avatar even before Titanicbut without being able to realize it because of special effects which – at the time – still were too basic. This may have further delayed the start of filming, but much of the blame lies with a budget that no one was willing to invest. In the 2003However, the director praised the artificial reconstruction work done for Gollum neither The Lord of the Rings and, also thanks to a more advanced and less expensive technology, that was the right starting point to give the film the definitive way.

3. Team building of the entire cast in Hawaii

The success of Avatar is to be attributed to the creative genius of the director, but also to a close-knit cast and in perfect symbiosis from the first to the last minute of the film. To achieve this, actors and crew were brought to Hawaii where they participated in team play and excursionsreplicating the tribal life they were supposed to play on the big screen. Not satisfied, then, Zoe Saldana he also asked to be able to use his warrior disguise to ensure that there were no more differences between her and her character.

4. Avatar: a Pocahontas 2.0

There must have been many inspirations capable of stimulating Cameron’s mind over the years. By his own admission, one of them is the classic Disney Pocahontas: the feature film directed by Gabriel And Goldberg taking a cue from the true story of Matoakaa girl who lived between the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries and brought to England by Smith. If we think about itsettingL’linguistic incompatibility and the discovery of a new world by civilized men and women are all identifiable elements in both fictional products.


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5. Weaver: called back by Cameron with a trick

Avatar it was not the only occasion in which Sirgourney Weaver And Cameron they collaborated: the two, in fact, had already shared the set more than twenty years earlier on the occasion of Aliens – Final Showdown of 1986. The new marriage, however, would not have been celebrated if the director had not promised the actress a trick Interesting. In fact, the exobiologist is a script Grace Augustine it had to be aavid smokerbut the smoke was only added at the stage post production scenes to allow the actress to interpret it without having to light up cigarettes.

6. Sam Worthington was preferred to the big names

THE casting for the role of Jake Sullyprotagonist of the whole story, were long and nerve-wracking and led to the hiring of the Australian Sam Worthington. The choice might not be shocking, were it not that – for the same character – even illustrious names such as Jake Gyllenhaal, Matt Damon And Chris Pratt. Cameron, however, preferred the total overlap between actor and role rather than aiming at the notoriety of the performers. Incassi and Oscar proved him right.

7. A record-breaking (or nearly so) film

Thanks also to an initial investment of well 237 million dollars, Avatar it quickly became one of the highest-grossing films in history, beating the previous one record (always held by Cameron with Titanic) a few days after its release. Ten years later, however, he got a hand there Marvel with Avengers: Endgame and its two billion and 790 million dollars: the games are therefore postponed to December 14, 2022date set for the release of the sequel Avatar – The way of water.

Also in the matter of Oscarthings did not go so much worse: at the 2010 Academy Awards edition, in fact, the film competed with well nine nominations and, at the end of the evening, the statuettes brought home were three (photography, scenography and special effects). So many, but not enough to make history.

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