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Avatar The way of water
by James Cameron
with Sam Worthington, Zoe Saldana, Sigourney Weaver, Stephen Lang, Kate Winslet

The technology is phenomenal. Point. But enough. The story resumes that of the first part released thirteen years ago. The soldier Sully (Worthington) in Na’Vi avatar body lives on Pandora with the natives, he has his own and adopted children, the earthlings return to plunder the planet with a vanguard of avatar soldiers, the soldier Sully with his family escapes from the forest and approaches to the sea, he is greeted by the Metkayina aquatic tribe and all that was seen acrobatic in the forest in the first Avatars now you see it done underwater. The natives are always good and wise, the earthlings always greedy and bad, the teenagers always straight out of a neighborhood gang film, there is the different who feels the mystical soul of the planet, they have added an equivalent of the whales, from which ecological message of preservation (and an equivalent of Captain Ahab’s Moby Dick who loses his arm instead of his leg, an excellent starting point for the third episode) and so on with guerrilla warfare alternating with new age mottos. Those who had already defined the first film a Dance with wolves astral, and for this episode the Native Americans got angry: it’s always a white man, even if in blue Na’Vi skin, who solves the problems of the Indians… Wonderful aside, the ending is a kind of Titanic in which the good (and redeemable bad?) must save themselves, otherwise the third part is not played. However, it may be age, but when other people play video games and not you, it’s difficult to get passionate.

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