The more or less imaginative theories about Avengers continue Endgame, its secrets and the destiny of some characters, as this interesting reconstruction shows.

There is a rather interesting theory that could explain some aspects of the Avengers: Endgame but also prepare the way for future developments of the series, given that there is the talk of a possible occult architect behind Thanos’s actions in the film. 

According to the passionate u / Engineering_123 on Reddit, the character able to guide the events in the shadows would be none other than Loki, in an explanation that is obviously full of spoilers, as well as being substantially invented, but so be it. 

The idea is that the issue of the collection of infinity stones is a rather recent development in the issues of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Loki came into contact with Thanos. The latter, in fact, seemed to have a much more pragmatic approach to solving the problem of overcrowding: the physical elimination of half of the population of various planets, carried out with the old system of killing on the battlefield, as can be seen in the flashback present in Infinity War

It would therefore have been Loki who suggested to the Titan to exploit the power of stones and the glove of infinity to eliminate half of the living beings (because they have not been used simply to double the resources remains the biggest mystery of the film, apparently), probably to be able to use them later for their hidden purposes. As evidence of this, there would also be the presence of the Glove of Infinity at the castle of Odin, visible in Thor’s films: even if the object is declared a fake by Hela, it could be the proof of a previous study carried out by Loki on powers of the object. 

To this theory has obviously added the mystery about the fate of Loki, eliminated by Thanos but perhaps still alive in some way, given the scene of the disappearance with Tesseract present in Avengers: Endgame.

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