Avengers, Mark Ruffalo on a controversial meme: “can I get back the original team?”


Mark Ruffalo has commented on a controversial meme shared by EW dedicated to the Avengers, with irony on the situation.





The Avengers are at the center of a controversial meme created by Entertainment Weekly and Mark Ruffalo has now commented in an ironic way, the choices made by the magazine that have caused not a few critical online as a fan of Marvel.

The magazine has asked the fans of the Marvel choose your perfect team is composed by characters from the The Marvel Cinematic Universe by making them available with prices varying from 5 dollars to 1 dollar, allowing only a total cost of $ 15. The choice of adding Scarlet Witch to only $ 2, however, had sparked the ire of fans on Twitter.
Mark Ruffalo has, therefore, commented on the situation by writing: “Can I have the other $ 14 for the six original?“.

The fans, however, have noted that in reality it would not need that amount, but only to the other 9 dollars “having already Bruce Banner in the team“for obvious reasons. The words of the interpreter of the Hulk, however, have also sparked the nostalgia of the fans of the The Marvel Cinematic Universe they have written “I’ll give you the loan of my $ 15 to be able to review together again“.

The “value” of the Avengers, however, is still under indictment, in particular the protagonists of the series WandaVision that were included in the price range, respectively, 1 and 2 dollars.

The new tv series WandaVision, produced for the streaming platform Disney+, is described as “part sitcom, and part of a spectacular project set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe”.
In the cast of the show, which will be part of Phase 4 Of the MCU, there will also be Kat Dennings, Randall Park, and Kathryn Hahn. Elizabeth Olsen had anticipated: “This is a mashup between the american sitcoms in the course of the decades, and Marvel movies“.



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