AVIGLIANA / ALBA – Saturday 7 and Sunday 8 May the Skating Passion of Avigliana participated in the regional championships of the Italian Federation of Roller Sports, held in Alba. Once again the company has brought home several important titles and excellent performances that bode well for the continuation of the competitive season.

First to take to the track Germena Giorgia (10 years old, Giaveno), who touches the podium and finishes fourth in the Beginners A. Unfortunately for her no participation in the Trophy of the Regions; a competition of the caliber of the Italian Championships organized by the FISR for the athletes of the smaller categories. In this Trophy, you do not compete individually but in teams representing your region of origin. Bronze medal in Regional A rookies for Ginevra Cavalieri D’Oro (10 years old, Giaveno), who proves well prepared in this competition too, and continues the personal improvement of Rebecca Petronzi (10 years old, Giaveno) sixth position.

Other good tests in the Regional Students A third: classified Francesca Milone (12 years, Rivoli), fourth Gaia Cavalieri D’Oro (12 years, Giaveno), fifth Debora Petova (12 years, Chiusa San Michele), eighth Germena Giulia (12 years old , Giaveno) and Vestri Sofia (12, Rivoli) ninth. Sofia has recently embarked on a federal career, and the very fact of being able to participate in this category shows the improvements made. In the Regional B Beginners Riccardo Canal (11 years old, Rivoli) reaches his first regional podium with a good performance and conquers the bronze.

In the National Division A, one of the most numerous categories of the entire competition, Camilla Sotgiu (14, Rosta), Lavinia Rimondi (14, Rivoli) and Francesca Aiello (15, Giaveno) respectively ranked fourteenth, fifteenth and twentieth. Another bronze medal in the Beginners B with the beautiful program by Claudia Petova (12 years old, Chiusa San Michele). Tenth Cristel Sacco (11 years, Rivoli) in the Regional Beginners B. Title of regional champion and a great gap from the rest of the ranking for Giada Castrillo (12 years, Rivoli) in the Regional B students, who in addition to the federal title also guarantees participation in the CONI Trophy, an Italian multi-sports event of minor sports reserved for children under 14.

Regional champion also Davide Corradi (16 years old, Sangano) who wins in the National Division B with a beautiful performance. Same fate in the National Division C for Luca Servetti (17 years old, Piossasco), who wins gold and the federal title. In the National B Women’s Division she reaches the highest step of the podium for the third year in a row, reconfirming federal regional champion Carola Piccini (16 years, Avigliana), fourth instead Chiara Tancini (16 years, Sant’Ambrogio) despite the period of injuries.

Another championship day ended with excellent results that are added to a long list and above all a day of sport in which the athletes were able to compete with other sportsmen. Thanks to all the Skating Passion staff for making the results achieved possible.


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