Aya Nakamura, Booba, Kendrick Lamar… Les Ardentes promises big this year

followed by record attendance in 2022 Liège Urban Fest Les Ardentes is back in action at Rocourt from Thursday 6th July to Sunday 9th July with an even busier line-up of big names. Rap and hip-hop culture, There are expected to be no fewer than 65,000 festival-goers per day, including 26,500 campers. Whether you are a fan of US, French or Spanish rap, you will be catered for! Les Ardentes notably announced the chaotic arrival of Kendrick Lamar, travis scott, booba, dj snakeplayboy carti, Aya Nakamura, Metro Boomin or Karis. Another promising 100% urban variant near Liège!

Aya Nakamura

the french star litAfrican nation In Portugal this week. So she arrives on the stage of Ardentes well dressed. Last January he presented his new and fourth album ‘DNK’, Three years after her album ‘Aya’, fans were waiting for only one thing: the return of the singer and especially her new hit. These will be presented on Thursday 6 July at the Ardentes Forum.

A festival that got off to a good start, especially since on the same day, the public would also be able to be surprised by the appearance on the stage Kendrick Lamar, have more fun Alonzo and Hamza. The Brussels resident released the project ‘Paradise’ in 2019, giving tracks in collaboration with Aya Nakamura ‘Dale x Love Therapy’. Maybe a couple will be there this Thursday!

Caballero and Jean Jace

this is a belgian couple that we no longer exist. it’s been years caballero and jeans feed us little pearls we remember in 2016, famous ‘Brussels is coming’ In achievement with Romeo Elvis, this was the same year the two friends released the first part of their now trilogy.double helix’, And they can never be without each other for very long.

As comfortable in front of the microphone as he is in front of the camera, the fourth season of his series left the audience disappointed this year. ‘High and Best Herbs’… And an album Bonus! They will be on stage at Les Ardentes on Friday 7th July. that evening, the artist Travis Scott, CHS, and Karis Will be there too.

J Balvin

Surname ‘The Prince Of Reggaeton’, J Balvin Collaborates With Greatest Likes Bad Bunny, Cardi B, Rosalia, Beyonce, Dua Lipa And the list is long! J Balvin’s coronation will be in 2017 ‘me gante’ With 3 billion views on youtube.

his track record continues ‘I like this’ With Cardi B and Bad Bunny. This was followed by countless hits, including the recent ‘In da Ghetto’ with Skrillex. All are to be heard during his performance on Saturday 8 July. Without forgetting also Playboy Carti and Rema who will be on stage that day.

Central CE

People coming to the festival on Sunday will be able to visit Central CE on the scene. it’s just rapper most popular And with international appeal and high expectations, it has the biggest following ever in the UK.

his freestyle louseR’LA Leakers’ It’s already garnered over 3 million views, and comes right after her single ‘doja‘, a worldwide success. This title marked all souls. To date, ‘Doja’ has garnered over 180 million streams and over 70 million views.


In addition to Central C, festival-goers will be able to see superstar Booba on Sunday. The festival kicks off with the announcement of the star of French rappers. Duke As he calls himself, he will be on the stage of the festival for the first time for the third time dj snake kicks off the festivities. In 2017, they have already shared the same stage at Les Ardentes. A festival that ends in style!

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