Ayron Jones in Cognac Blues Passions

Meeting with Ayron Jones, guitarist and singer from Seattle, at the Cognac Blues Passions festival for Rolling Stone.

Conversation moderated by Xavier Bonnet and Alma Rota


At a festival, it is on stage that music is primarily appreciated and enjoyed. But here as elsewhere, it is a matter of exchanges, discussions, sharing. By organizing one-on-one interviews with many of the artists featured in this 30th edition of Cognac Blues Passion, our Rolling Stone Conversations sought to prolong the pleasure.

Discover the world of Ayron Jones, guitarist and singer from Seattle who mixes classic rock and grunge influences, while delivering compositions that are on edge. Here he is in a live session and in an interview.

The guitar is not your first instrument, you have also played the piano and drums before. How did you discover this instrument?

I was 13, a friend played it. I picked it up and started playing it. Everything then happened naturally. It has become my obsession.

Did this give you a different vision of music?

For me everything came together at that moment, between practice and musical theory.

Who are the guitarists who influenced you the most?

Jimi (Hendrix) was my first guitar hero. I will also never forget the moment when I saw Stevie Ray Vaughan in the famous Austin City Limits.

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