“Azerbaijan has always been open to dialogue”

Charles Michel, the President of the European Council, announced that talks between Azerbaijan and Armenia will take place by the end of October in Brussels, during the summit of the European Political Community. Originally, these discussions should have started this Thursday, October 5 in Granada, Spain, in the presence of the leaders of the two countries. But at the last moment, the President of Azerbaijan, Ilham Aliev, decided to cancel his participation. At issue: positions considered hostile, in recent days, among Western countries. France, in particular, has aroused the annoyance of the Azerbaijani authorities. Interview with Elin Suleymanov, Ambassador of Azerbaijan to the United Kingdom.

RFI : Azerbaijan refused to participate in the discussions planned in Grenada with Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinian. Is Baku nevertheless in favor of holding this dialogue? ?

Elin Suleymanov: Azerbaijan has always fully supported the tripartite conversation led by Charles Michel, the President of the European Council. We have always been in favor of a direct dialogue with Nikol Pashinian. What is unfortunate about recent events is that we have seen the intervention of third countries in this dialogue, which has derailed the process. But Azerbaijan has always been open to this dialogue. It is also Azerbaijan which insists on the signing of a peace agreement, based on international law and on the principles that we offer to Armenia, and which Armenia has verbally accepted.

This means that you do not want France to participate in these peace efforts ?

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