Back on the Strip: what a turnip!

Tiffany Haddish, Wesley Snipes and Kevin Hart, to name a few, are the unfortunate protagonists of this sad romantic comedy.

Merlin (Spence Moore II) and Robin (Raigan Harris) are childhood friends and lovers. However, at university, Robin falls in love with Blaze (Ryan Alexander Holmes), to the great despair of Merlin, whose dream is to become a magician.

Verna (Tiffany Haddish), the young man’s mother, encourages him by buying him a plane ticket to Las Vegas. In the gambling capital, he joins a troupe of naked dancers, the Chocolate Chips, whose leader is Luther – nicknamed Mr. Big (Wesley Snipes). Once made aware of Merlin’s sentimental misfortunes, the strippers of the group decide to come to his aid so that he can win back his sweetheart.

The script does not shine by its originality, but this weakness could have been forgotten if the funny and romantic sides had been exploited intelligently, as is the case in particular in the very satisfying Royal blue, white and red, on Prime Video.

In the present case, unfortunately, the “comedy” too often veers into scatological and sexual jokes that are not funny (the number of penis jokes is mind-blowing). As for the love story, we do not believe it for a second.

Rating: 1 out of 5

Back on the Strip hits theaters August 18.

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