Bad Bunny dethrones Shakira new record for the latino

Bad Bunny
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Since Bad Bunny released his second studio album alone for the Saturday, February 29 at night, we must confess that we have not stopped listening to it on repeat and we are not the only ones. YHLQMDLG (acronym for what I do and what gives me the wins and the name of the album) debuted in the second position of the Billboard 200.

The singer is determined to break all the records and according to the last reports of the Billboards, YHLQMDLG Bad Bunny has dethroned officially Oral Fixation, Vol. 1 Shakira and to Love is to combat Mana as the album completely in Spanish in a better position in their listings.

In addition to this record on Billboard, the album also had the biggest week in streaming for a Latin album. In local terms, YHLQMDLG debuted as the #1 in the top albums of latinos as their first studio album x100PRE and Oasis, their album in conjunction with J. Balvin.

Last week, during her appearance on the show Jimmy Fallon, Bad Bunny launched a message against transphobia to wear a t-shirt that read “They killed Alexa, not a man with a skirt” in reference to the feminicides of Alexa Negron in Puerto Rico.

And to celebrate this new triumph will be enough for us with the video more viral, who has given us Bad Bunny that he himself has referred to as #MacetitaChallenge.

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