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Bad news is coming for Tim customers, soon they will no longer have a very important function available. The telecommunications giant will shortly remove the offer of the …

Many people will be left dry-mouthed after years of contracting with Tim. But the company is committed to supporting its customers who do not have access to the latest generations of mobile telephony, such as 4G and 5G.

The telephone companies in addition to looking for new customers to hook, also try to offer new services to those already registered. Precisely for this reason, Tim has decided to remove the 3g network from its employees.

For many it is paradoxical to try to keep their customers by taking them away from a service. This strategy is to provide a new service available to people who are further behind with new technologies.

The idea is to get these people to access more innovative technologies, namely that of 4G he was born in 5G. In order to access this new Tim offering, it will be necessary to change the own SIM.

Changing the SIM, how does it work?

The request to change your Sim refers to those who own one Sim with a capacity less than 128K. Those who meet these criteria will then have to go to an official sales point and proceed to the request for a new SIM.

The operation in question will have a cost of € 15a well spent figure if you think about the fact that every customer will finally be able to use the 4G or 5G network.

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There is more good news for anyone switching their calling card. Undoubtedly the TIM has no intention of charging the customer for this service. It is precisely for this reason that the full amount will be refundedas a residual credit on your SIM.

Who, on the other hand, will not go on, then they will not replace their SIM below 128k, since April 2022 they will no longer have the ability to use no network service.

For those who have a SIM equal or higher than 128 K, it will not be obliged to make any changes. This is the report you read on tecnoandroid. A situation that therefore affects all TIM subscriptions, do not wait any longer, and get ready to make the switch.

Customers who will proceed with the planned SIM change, there is also a promotion that should not be underestimated and which enriches your offer. In other words, that of having unlimited minutes, for 30 days.

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