Bad weather, mud avalanche in Val di Fassa and Val Ferret. Evacuated houses and hotels – Chronicle

Situation under control in the municipalities of San Giovanni di Fassa, Mazzin and Campitello di Fassa, after the water bomb that last night caused numerous landslides in the various inhabited centers. The volunteer firefighters of Pozza and Vigo di Fassa and their colleagues from the Fassa, Fiemme and Primiero districts are completing the cleaning of the streets in these hours, while the pipes are being laid to facilitate the flow of water.

COURMAYEUR WITHOUT WATER – Water emergency in Val Ferret after the damage of the aqueduct following the landslide. And if three hamlets (La Palud, Entrèves and Villair) have already been without water since yesterday, in a few hours Courmayeur also risks the same fate. “Unfortunately – said the mayor, Roberto Rota – the damage to the aqueduct is important. We are working, and will continue to do so day and night. But in a few hours the town will be without water. We have organized two distribution points for the citizens,” which will continue tomorrow. The situation is critical, also because in recent days the population has gone from 2,700 residents to almost 30,000 “. The forecasts for restoring the aqueduct are two, maximum three days. Meanwhile, the administration asks citizens to ration water. “The debris flow is important – explains Valerio Segor, regional technician – and is made up of tens of thousands of cubic meters of material. The boulders have also damaged the bridge, moving the deck.

ALERT FOR BAD WEATHER – The wave of bad weather continues in the northern quadrant of Italy. A new perturbation is approaching from France to our country and, over the next few hours, will bring infiltrations of cold air at high altitudes which will determine marked atmospheric instability. Showers and scattered thunderstorms, therefore, will continue to affect the northern regions and Tuscany, with phenomena that locally may also be particularly intense, especially in the early hours of tomorrow, on the flat areas of Lombardy, Piedmont and Emilia-Romagna. Based on available forecasts, the Department of Civil Protection has issued a warning of adverse weather conditions. Yellow alert tomorrow for seven regions; Piedmont, Valle D’Aosta, Lombardy, Trentino Alto Adige, Veneto, Emilia-Romagna and Tuscany. The warning foresees from the early hours of tomorrow, scattered rainfall, of a downpour or thunderstorm, on Lombardy, Emilia-Romagna and Tuscany. From early Sunday morning it is also expected that scattered rainfall will persist, with a reverse or thunderstorm character, over Piedmont, the Autonomous Province of Bolzano and Veneto. The phenomena will be accompanied by strong showers, frequent electrical activity, hailstorms and strong gusts of wind.

About a hundred people including tourists and residents were evacuated from hotels and houses in the Fassa valley, especially in the Vigo di Fassa area, where a water bomb struck which quickly caused landslides and landslides and the flooding of some watercourses, such as in Fontanazzo and Campestrin, hamlets of Mazzin and San Jan, where – reports the Tgr Trento – a mudslide invaded the road. The evacuated people will spend the night in the Civil Protection Center and in the gyms. Due to landslides and landslides caused by bad weather, the activities of the Civil Protection are underway, in particular the fire brigade, forestry, mountain basins and geologists sectors, together with the technicians of the Road Management Service. Under observation a series of situations – communicates the Autonomous Province of Trento – in particular the enlargement of some watercourses that have caused landslides and erosion of embankments. As a precaution, the evacuation of some houses was ordered in the area of ​​Pera di Fassa, in Vigo di Fassa (about ten houses) and in Pozza di Fassa where guests and staff of two hotels were moved. The situation is evolving. At the moment it does not appear that the phenomena have caused any consequences to people.

Bad weather on the exodus: 100 evacuated in Val di Fassa

Two places in the upper Valpelline, in the Aosta Valley, will remain isolated at least until Saturday due to two landslides that fell on regional road number 28 in the afternoon. Very popular with tourists fleeing the heat waves, Oyace and Bionaz are not at moment reachable by car. As the hours go by, the number of holidaymakers who cannot return to the valley increases. “At the moment there are about 13-14 people who cannot get off and to whom we will have to find accommodation for the night”, explains the mayor of Bionaz, Valter Nicase. Others find themselves stuck in Oyace. During a thunderstorm, in the late evening of Thursday the roadway was first invaded by debris from two different streams. Since this morning workers and mechanical shovels were at work to restore the road system. The new detachments occurred when the works to reopen the road were almost completed. “It happened around 4 pm, during a fairly strong storm. Waves of mud came down, which touched some houses on the border, in the Condemine hamlet of Oyace”, explains Nicase, confirming that “no one was involved”. If in the other municipality, in Oyace, “the landslide has more or less the same front as the first, in Bionaz it occupies 100 meters, three times the size of that fall last night”.

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