Bag of Bagpipe. Katarzyna Bosacka did shopping like Duda in 2015

The history of Duda’s basket dates back to March 2015, when Andrzej Duda, who was running for the presidential election, went to the Biedronka store on our side of the Polish-Slovak border and shopped there. His club mate from PiS, Beata Szydło, made similar purchases by paying euro in Slovakia. The purchases of the future prime minister were more expensive, which was to prove that the introduction of the euro would make Poland expensive.

In 2015, Andrzej Duda bought: oil, orange juice, bread, eggs, sugar, milk, Kinder Niespodzianka, margarine and cheese. He paid PLN 37.02 for his purchases at Biedronka in March 2015. Katarzyna Bosacka tried to make as similar purchases as possible in January 2022 and paid PLN 67.89! This is an increase of 82 percent.!

The journalist had to buy a little heavier cheese, a little heavier bread, and instead of one, two packets of eggs. This slightly increased the price, but even after the correction, i.e. counting the same amount of goods as in Duda’s basket, it would be much more expensive! – Counting these small “shortcomings in purchases, it turned out to be 80 percent.” for sure – Bosacka assures on his EkoBoskacka channel on YouTube.

Bag of Duda – Bosacka’s shopping is 20 percent more expensive

And this is not the end. It just so happens that Fakt, as part of checking the food price increases, made purchases in November 2021 identical to those of Andrzej Duda. It turned out then that we had to pay PLN 56.40 for them, and earlier in September 2021 we paid PLN 46.37. January Katarzyna Bosacka’s purchases were more expensive by as much as 20 percent. compared to our “bagpipe basket” from just two months ago and 46 percent. compared to those from September!

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