Bajer from Bel-Air – An actor was cast in the show’s reboot. Will Smith surprised him

Bel-Air this is not a normal reboot Bajera from Bel-Air. First of all, it will not be a comedy series, but a serious drama series inspired by Morgan Cooper’s fan film, which showed what such a version could look like. The project is created for the Peacock platform, a Will Smith announced that Willa will be played by rookie Jabari Banks, who, like his hero, hails from Philadelphia.

Will Smith and Peacock released a video of a gentlemen’s conversation in which Will betrayed a young boy that he got a role that would change his life. Sam Smith guaranteed the actor support in the career and work on the series. Recall that the Hollywood star is a producer through his company Westbrook Studios. Universal Television is responsible for the series. Jabari Banks graduated from college in 2020, where he honed his acting skills.

The project is so attractive to the Peacock platform that two seasons were ordered right away. TJ Brady and Rasheed Newson, known for The Chi and The 100 are showrunners. Morgan Cooper, the creator of the aforementioned fan movie, is to direct.

The story is based on the same concept as the original from the 90s. Will is sent to his family in Bel-Air for a chance at a better life. As it is not a comedy, the project aims to go deeper into the issues of emotions, prejudices (rich vs poor Will) or conflicts.

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