“Bajer of Bel-Air” returns as a drama series produced by Will Smith. We know the release dates

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The fashion for reboots of once popular productions will probably not end soon. In 2021 alone, we saw the premiere of new versions or continuation of, among others “Gossip Girl”, “Sex and the City” and “Dexter”. 2022 will be welcomed with the remake of “Bajer z Bel-Air”, which was originally released in 1990-1996. Interestingly, the fan trailer, which was released in 2019, prompted the creators to create a new version of the series.

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“Bajer of Bel-Air”. What is the show about?

The 1990s version was about Will Smith (played by Will Smith), a teenager spending his time mainly on the streets of Philadelphia. After the boy gets into a fight, his mother decides to send him to a wealthy family living in Bel-Air. A teenager’s lifestyle is very different from that of his uncle and aunt, which leads to many comic situations. “Bajer z Bel-Air”, although it sometimes touched upon serious topics, was primarily a comedy series. In 2019, online creator Morgan Cooper decided to create a fan trailer for a series set in modern realities, showing the same story in a dramatized way. Will Smith liked the idea very much, and in 2020 a decision was made to create a reboot of “Bajer with Bel-Air” in the form proposed by Cooper.

Marek Kondrat, Drew Barrymore, Jodie FosterKondrat made his screen debut when he was 11 years old. Barrymore as an infant. And DiCaprio?

“Bajer of Bel-Air”. When is the premiere and where to watch?

Two seasons of the new version of “Bajer z Bel-Air” were ordered right away, and the premiere of the first was scheduled for February 13, 2022. The series is an original production of a relatively new Peacock platform, which is not yet available in our country. Unfortunately, bad news for Polish viewers may be the fact that so far there is no information whether any of the platforms that are available with us will undertake the broadcast.

“Bajer of Bel-Air”. The cast of the series

We will see the same characters in the production, but the cast includes completely new actors. Jabari Banks was cast as Will Smith. In addition to him, the series includes:

  • Adrian Holmes as Phillip Banks
  • Cassandra Freeman as Vivian Banks,
  • Olly Sholotan as Carlton Banks
  • Coco Jones as Hilary Banks,
  • Akira Akbar as Ashley Banks
  • Jimmy Akingbola as Geoffrey,
  • Jordan L. Jones as Jazz,
  • Simone Joy Jones as Lisa.

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