Ballerina, Keanu Reeves praises Ana de Armas: “Working with her was great”

After the great success of the first three films and waiting for the fourth chapter of the original saga to be released in March, the John Wick universe is ready to expand further with the spin-off Dancer. Keanu Reeves, undisputed star of the franchise, spoke of the film and the brief participation of him alongside Ana de Armas.

“It’s a good story. Len Wiseman has a vision but he’s also embracing the world of John Wick. Ian McShane is in the role of Winston” Reeves told TotalFilm. Gabriel Byrne will also be in Ballerina, which is expected to come out in theaters in 2024.

The actor confirmed that he worked briefly on the film together with Ana de Armas:“I’ve heard there’s been quite a management move, and it’s been fun to put the costume back on, albeit briefly. There’s a reason John’s in Ballerina; he’s very organic. And working with Ana has been great. She really loves the action and she’s really good.”.

No one is currently scheduled fifth chapter of John Wick, as Reeves himself confirmed. Probably the production will evaluate the public reaction to John Wick 4 and will make a decision on the continuation of the narrative and the mother saga that began several years ago.

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