Banca MPS goes back with some rumors. Here’s what will happen on Monday 26

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Banca Monte Paschi rebounds after four nightmare sessions in which it lost more than 20%. Focus on some rumors.

On a day in which the market continues to show a volatile trend, with the Ftse Mib having crossed the parity line on more than one occasion, Banca Monte Paschi continues to rise well.

Banca Monte Paschi goes back up after four declines in a row

The stock is back from four sessions in sharp decline, during which it has left over 20% of its value on the parterre.

Yesterday Banca Monte Paschi sold around two and a half percentage points and today it has already started trading positively.

In the last few minutes, the stock has reached 0.2982 euros, with an increase of 1.64% and over 11 million shares traded so far, already above the average of the last 30 days of approximately 7.4 million.

Banca MPS: uncertainty weighs on the increase. The view of Intesa Sanpaolo

Banca Monte Paschi takes advantage of the good tone of the banking sector, giving rise to a reaction after the sharp decline of the last few days.

The uncertainty linked to the 2.5 billion euro capital increase, which should start in mid-October, weighs on the stock.

The operation is about to start in a context characterized by not a little uncertainty, not only because of the political situation still to be defined, but also because of that of the shares.

Intesa Sanpaolo analysts, commenting on the latest rumors on the recapitalization, believe that the risk of carrying out the transaction is high.
Experts note that this could be mitigated by the involvement of anchor investors.

Banca MPS: on the hunt for anchor investors. Focus on Anima and Axa

The CEO of Banca Monte Paschi is selecting a dozen and according to what Il Messaggero reports, many have already been identified.

Among these will be Axa and Anima, the first in bancassurance and the second in managed savings, with the possibility that both will review their contracts to make them even more attractive.

Just today it was learned from some sources that Banca Monte Paschi would open the negotiating table with Anima Holding, to discuss not only the existing contracts, but also the support for the capital increase.

The same sources add that CEO Lovaglio has also started negotiations with Axa, indicating that in both cases it is still a preliminary phase.

Banca MPS: the reverse stock split next Monday

Meanwhile, attention is already turned to next Monday, September 26, when there will be the reverse stock split of ordinary shares of Banca Monte Paschi, in the ratio of 1 new share every 100.

The operation is aimed at reducing the number of shares in circulation in anticipation of the capital increase and therefore simplifying the administrative management.

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