Band starring in new Shakira track receive chilling death threat from ruthless Mexican cartel forcing them to cancel gig

A POPULAR Mexican band who starred in Shakira’s new track has received chilling death threats from a ruthless Mexican drug cartel forcing them to cancel their gig.

Fuerza Regida, the group based in California, were supposed to perform in Tijuana on Friday but after being told “we will kill you,” on a banner they’ve called off the show.

Fuerza Regida, who have a song with Shakira, had to cancel their show after being threatened by a Mexican drug cartelCredit: Vevo
The chilling banner said they would kill the band if they performed and was signed by Jalisco New Generation CartelCredit: Twitter/@ALERTACODIGORO_

On October, 2, the frightening Jalisco New Generation Cartel (CJNG), known as Mexico’s most dangerous drug trafficking organization, put up a banner in the city, threatening the boyband.

According to a translation from Borderland Beat, it read: “This message goes out to those f***ers from Fuerza Regida.

“We’re going to f***ing kill you guys on October the 6th in Tijuana.

“It’ll be the last f***ing time of your miserable lives if you appear in public.

“If you show your faces on that day we will kill you.”

The concert was set to take place at Caliente Stadium to a huge crowd.

Fuerza Regida went to social media just hours after the banner was seen to tell disappointed fans the show was off.

They posted on Instagram: “Event in Tijuana canceled for reasons beyond our reach.

“Thank you very much my people.”

The eerie banner was signed with the cartels initials and isn’t the first to be put up in recent months.

Four were put up in Septmber, also signed by the drug gang in Tijuana, warning off Peso Pluma, another popular artist in a similar genre to Fuerza Regida.

The genre is popular in the US and often includes references to drugs and cartels such as glorifying drugs or praising El Chapo, the infamous founder of the Sinola cartel, CJNG’s main rivals in Mexico.

Both artists exploded into mainstream culture recently with Fuerza Regida even collaborating with Latin megastar Shakira, on a song called El Jefe.

The music video was posted to YouTube less than two weeks ago and already has over 44million views after they performed at the 2023 MTV Video Music Awards together to a wild reception.

A number of singers have been killed in Mexico, allegedly by the cartel.

Sergio Vega in 2010 and Valentín Elizalde in 2006 were murdered by hitmen because of apparent distant lyrics in songs.

Earlier this year pop sensation Pink revealed that she is bombarded with death threats every day.

The So What singer says the abuse is so bad that security is “always” at the back of her mind.

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This also comes after X Factor icon Wagner got death threats after being mistaken for the mutinous Russian mercenaries who go by the same name.

He is now brushing up on his martial arts skills fearing an attack by Vladimir Putin-backed assassins.

They posted on Instagram thanking fans saying it was out of their reach to cancel the showCredit: Getty
The US based band recently had a hit song with megastar Shakira released called El JefeCredit: Getty
The boy band has become more popular in the last few months including performing at the 2023 VMA awardsCredit: Getty

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